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And unfortunately, the last fifteen minutes were some of the worst things I've ever seen like I had so much narrative and emotional whiplash. And that last I mean, I just it just felt silly the way everything resolved, and they don't even resolve it ends in the middle of what should be the third act of this movie and. Boy, it's really rough. It's really rough. Now, if you're you're younger and your appetite for action is is a lot larger than did mine as an old man at this point. And if you haven't been exposed to some like, you know, fairly rudimentary Sifi concept's before right? This might be a lot more exciting. But to me this was just a like an overly long. What's just only two hours, but overly long felt like it was oddly padded? There's just days ex-, MAC and everywhere everywhere. And unfortunately, there's the world building is cool. But it's not enough to support the the lift it's not enough to hold up the city that they're trying to float here. And unfortunately, I found it I found it disappointing. And I don't think they're going to get their franchise that there are one wanting. No, I can't imagine this makes back one hundred and seventy million certainly not domestically. I think people are going to realize deterred and and the won't make it back here. Maybe overseas they can recoup that money and get a get a second sequel out of it. I don't know. Yeah. Okay. So let us I think we can just get into despoilers. I don't think there's going to be a lot of them. But there's some specific things I wanna critique and talk about and praise Saint here there. Let's talk about things that we saw I saw the following. Trailers a new one men in black international. Okay. I I've seen the trailer for this. But I didn't see to my theater. Yeah. So I had didn't even this wasn't even on my radar. And essentially stars Thor and Tessa Thompson. So Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson reprising kind of like the Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith characters and they're going to England. And there you go. That's the movie out of this looks like it could be fun. We'll see it could be. I really liked the first men in black. I thought the minute black after that, we're increasingly kind of joyless affairs. We will see if they do better with this one. But I'm not I'm not super excited. I need to see more trailers. And it's just like it's one of those concepts where the movie works a lot because of the strength of the concept. But that's the concept doesn't have that much legs. I don't think so we'll see token. I have you heard about this this kind of caught me by surprise to. So this looks like it's a bio pic about the life of one JR Tolkien. It shows him growing up. It shows him going to university. It shows him going in the were crucially fighting in the trenches of World War One, and how this stuff and his love affairs, and how all this stuff. It looks like inspired the novels that he went on to write it stars the beast from. The the young experts series. I forget that guy's name. I don't know. But yeah that guy, and it looks, you know, I've, I've honestly never heard this story as much as I know about Tolkien and. You know, his life and his works. The man himself is is largely a mystery to me. So I kind of interested in seeing that. Yeah. I might be too. I'm look I'm not a huge fan of the books of Lord of the rings. But I didn't like the movies. And I don't know. I'm kind of a sucker for bio-pics most of the time. And this guy is like, I don't think it's I mean, I don't know. I guess he does get a per credit, but everything all modern fantasy essentially was shaped by this, man. Yeah. Like if you like game of thrones, dungeons and dragons. Any game that has a dragon or a hobbit or elf or a dwarf. This this this is the foundation..

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