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WCBM Baltimore on Wcbm getting ugly Fox NEWS. I'm Mary Corsetti. As Election Day inches closer, The claws start coming out. During an exclusive interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, President Trump responds to win. Or or not, he will accept the results of the November election. If he loses. I'm not a good thing I don't like to lose. I don't lose to offer gracious. You don't know until you see it depends. President Trump doubling down on his criticism against former vice President Joe Biden. I say he's not competent to be president to be president. You have to be sharp and tough that he doesn't even come out of his basement. They think Oh, this is a great campaign. So he goes in. I'll then make a speech. It'll be a great speech and some young guys start writing vice president Biden said. This's he didn't say it. Joe doesn't know He's alive. Okay, He doesn't always alive. The biting team fires back, campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates saying Quote the American people will decide this election and the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting the trespassers out of the White House, and lawmakers are expected to discuss another Corona virus relief bill this week. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows talks about where the administration stands on Sunday morning futures. It looks like that that knew package will be in the tree and dollar range A CZ. We've started to look at it, whether it's a payroll tax deduction. Whether it's making sure that unemployment benefits continue without a disincentive due to return to work, Plus the Corona virus pandemic has found fresh legs around the world as confirmed deaths past 600,000 and countries from the U. S to South Africa to India struggled to contain a surge of new infections. Hong Kong issued tougher new rules on wearing facemasks, Spain closed overcrowded beaches and Germany zeroed in on another outbreak at a slaughterhouse. Even Pope Francis said the pandemic is showing no sign. Sign of stopping.

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