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And think he was only favorite according to fivethirtyeight in three of them he was favored in two thousand twelve he he was favorite in two thousand eleven against dallas they lost he was barely favoured interestingly against oklahoma city in 2012 they won he was favourite against san antonio in two thousand thirteen houses treachery is favored in all of those three times he's been favoured of the eight he was ill going against the odds on is that sounds for lebron james during most of that stretched the best player in the game to be the underdog he was the most of these i don't have the lakers will not they were favored or underdogs in most of those i think i think those lakers were favored an almost all of those those types with a not yeah i think they lost the one they lost who was the pistons then they said some some else got into this debate resume tracy mcgrady and jr smith last week right same debate here's where you and i disagree what on these two yes on his story on what is it again jr smith said rains now he loaded rings over tracy mcgrady so mcgrady at some hall of fame speech thing said basically that anybody can win a championship not everybody can get into the hall of fame which you disagree with correct that's what mcgrady said i think again on value in the championships it also matters where you are on the roster like are we input robert orrey in the greatest of all time conversation because he has so many rings we're not and is jr smith de bumped up with the goal of tracy mcgrady because he has rings and chase tracy mccray doesn't of course not again they are weights on the scale their heavyweights but they do not determine the outcome alex new jersey you're on the resolution with woking yeah hi i you know i just think because looked wrong cobi argument and a l e legrand stature in the game and how any final heat gotten in a row it's something that we haven't seen since jordan terms of reaching the final that many times in a row in them you know jordan would have up street probably if you didn't take a break q you know klay baseball after his father's up happening but i just think that you know we haven't seen a.

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