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All right. This movie came out twenty four years ago. It is an indie movie icon. La Movies ever. And it has aged like a beautiful bottle of red wine shop. Fantasy, your single favorite thing about this movie. Well I was thinking about it in relationship to Ferris Buehler's Day off and I talked a lot about how much I love, the character of cameras and this movie is like if Cameron was the star Ferris Buehler's Day off Mikey as the Cameron to transfer heiress, and it's fun to watch them flip roles here. It's fun to see this sort of a movie from this perspective, and it's part of why it makes such an amazing movie about friendship. Does that make Su Sloane Peterson. I Don I. It's a question of whether grams Sloane Peterson. If you subscribe to the Cameron was also in love with Sloan theory, you know. Chris Sorta by you. Yeah, it's just like what if you and your friends mattered like what when your friends mattered enough to make a movie about him and this movie while it became a huge success, I think on home video, and also on DVD and cable, I still think of it as this like. Hey, and me and my friends are gonNA scrape together whatever money we can find guerrillas shoot this thing that's about our lives and just see if anybody bites, and it just so happened that they had like three generational talents involved in it in Doug Watson. Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau and yeah I just I just think of it as one of the ultimate hangout movies. It's true indie movie. 'cause we have other anyway I think like pulp fiction is considered in the movie, and it's not really it has major stars in, and it had enough money it going. This movie is like. You know they're. Telling favor to open the fridge, because they can get light from the fridge, and that will help the late. They're filming and bars, not even telling people in the bars film in there and they're throwing parties, not telling people at the party they're going to film scenes, and it's a true Indian every since everything about how this movie got made is completely organic. Lucky in a Lotta ways, and then how it hits. Huge and yet it didn't hit. It wasn't successful when it came out and I think it's a really important point about this movie. Midnight is I love movies I went to see every movie. I didn't see this movie in the theater. I didn't even know about it and I feel like I was like a nine out of ten. Knowing what movies were out, what movies I should go? See I was reading everything and I. Just kind of missed it and my friend Jan Morris like three months after the movie came out. I think it was on blockbuster at that point. And she's like. Have you seen swingers yet? And I was like no, what is it? Is it good and she's like? You would love it. You have to go rent it. It's you're kind of movie. And that was it and then like a lot of the movies we cover on this in the mid nineties. It hit that cable re watchable. Over, and over again it's on, and it is one of the most quotable re watchable movies the lowest twenty five years. I really believe that. Yeah I think it also you know you're you described it as a true Indie, and it's obviously a miramax movie, which was sort of the most dominant indie brand at that time, and it's a movie that's in dialogue with with all these other indie movies you know there's that famous sequence where they're talking about Scorsese and shot goodfellas and then reservoir dogs in the relationship to that, and then there's this big O. Masha. Reservoir dogs, and you can tell that Fabio and lyman looked at what Tarantino digits a few years earlier and were very self. Self consciously trying to ape that same story of you know having the story that is very personal to you. That is very inspired by a lot of other movies, being obsessed with Hollywood and then finding a way to make that your movie, you know and and the way that they did. It is so amazing. I'm sure we'll talk about it in detail like you said they basically begged borrowed, stole and hustled through every single moment of this movie, and that's part of what makes it so charming. I think it feels like it's so intimate. Close, everyone's face and everyone's experience. It's also really strange because when I saw this movie I can't remember. I very well may have seen in the theaters in the mid nineties, but I I certainly when. Seemingly overnight, every single person was telling each other. They were money. and calling each other double down, but when I was young when I saw it, the idea of staying out until six in the morning was still pretty far fetched to me. And now. Almost twenty five years later I live in the neighborhood where they shot most of it and like drive by these places and. Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn and Jon. favelas become one of the biggest blockbuster directors and Doug Lyman is still. Shooting seventy four extra days on Tom Cruise. Getting taken away from them and stealing it back, and whatever the hell is going on with them, so it's just been kind of a fascinating trajectory for everybody involved. Even the audience who I think probably has like when they watch this movie. They probably remembers much about their own life when they saw it as they. Do. You know what's happened to the movie since then? And it's it's not pre Internet because the Internet starts taking off in ninety six, but it's basically pre internet. Has a couple of things in here. That were things that I felt like. We're unique to my friend group at the time because I'm basically the same ages guys in this movie. Vegas. We just started going there the year before. I had never seen that in a movie. Guys going to vegas the excitement of going to vegas, but then the trip is way longer than you think it's going to be. You're just kinda holding on. Then you see the lights and you get rejuvenated, and you go to the Casino, and you have three hundred dollars, and that's it. You have to make that three hundred dollars last a whole eight all that stuff I just never seen in a movie before. Guys playing video games in a movie like they play NHL Ninety three. which was you know? An iconic run of and I thought it was ninety, three, ninety four was the next year. This is they play ninety three ninety. Three's yeah this. This is the head leader. The year after was the you could go around the net and just do the whole thing, but but I'd never seen people pay video games that are movie, but my friend. I played that video game all the time. We played hockey video games for three years. We would get in fights like the fights that they got in there. And I think. You know appetite for the next decade I think tapped into some of this stuff to the dynamics of male bonding. There just weren't a lot of movies like this, I I probably less than five where I was like Oh. Those guys remind me me and my friends. It's a really hard thing to pull off and it's a very low of a story. You know there's hardly really anything going on in this movie, and not it doesn't. It never really matters? You know you're so. You just feel so close to these people obviously like we feel. Feel close to these people for me. I was fourteen when this movie came out, and just at the early stages of getting obsessed with how movies were made, and what they did, and reading magazines about movies or coming out, and so I. Will I definitely didn't see it in theaters I had a lot of awareness of it because it was another one of those movies, it was sort of like self mythology izing in real time. Sold the swinger screenplay because the story of Farrell writing that story was such a big part of the origins of that movie and so. To me I was aspiring to have male friendships in my twenty s where we played video games, and when swing dancing when I was a teenager like her obviously didn't totally work out that way with swing dancing, but I thought that they like they. They brilliantly told their own story while also making something that they loved which is such a huge part of making a movie a part of history. Bill. I have a question. Yeah, how many bowling shirts did you own? Never got into the bowling shirt thing, I gotta say. I probably only had one or two. One that had like slick written across like maybe a gas station jacket. Something not nothing like that now I mean I was living in Boston when this movie came out. And this whole world that they were in seem so far away from the world I was in everything about it, even though the guy said no money was the only thing I could identify with, but the way the the nights that they had in and all get in their car and driving in different places like we took cabs in Boston. Like why are these guys driving everywhere? Be Don't know I'm not from La going to.

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