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Artist it's a movie about the horrors and pains that come from the self centeredness of wanting to be exactly. Yeah that's how sick I am. Ah where did you where did you first see it. Did you first see it on TV. Yeah I I grew up in Green Bay Wisconsin. Has I think it was in high school when I first saw it and I just remember being so struck by it in those performances and and just the whole message behind it the whole idea about it behind. You don't in a sense you know that that's always always. That's always a dilemma of the creative person. I think it's It's it's what big night was about. And you know that sort of balancing act that you have to that you have to deal with between art and commerce. It's that's One can rarely exist without the other and It's a it's a ongoing challenge. I mean not even just art and commerce but also the the solipsism and and self regard that's required to think. Oh I could make things and that could be my whole life. You now the amount that you have to dedicate yourself to being artists to be an artist you know and the kind of presumptive of that and the tension that that creates with your responsibilities to others to your community to and that's I think why I whenever I watch Komo clouds. I cry like forever but I think it's it's it's even beyond that because what you're talking about is it implies a A choice a decision kind of an intellectual decision and in for my my experience you know the reality is this is that that's certainly that's there. But you know the part part of the thing about creativity and the pursuit of Art Is You know. There's a compulsion there too. You know people can't help it. They have to do it. They I mean real the the really great people the good people Maybe not so good people who just have to compulsion. I'm not sure but there's a thing where it's it's it's less of a less of intellectual decision is just. I need to do something I I need to create this. I need to do it. And and that's their you're screwed because then you then you can't stop whenever you do. Stop then you're just setting yourself up for life of other different kinds of torture. Well Tony we're out of time. I didn't even add nine brothers and sisters. I didn't even mention it this whole time. I've just gotten started normally. That would have been the whole hour. I'm very grateful to you for taking all this time to be on Bullseye Thank you so much for coming by thank you Tony Shalhoub from last year all three seasons of the Marvelous Mrs Mazel are streaming on Amazon prime. Right now this probably goes without saying but pretty much. All of the movies we talked about in. This interview are great Quick Change Classic a thousand clowns better than classic big night exceptional. Watch them the mall if you haven't seen them already. That's the end of another episode of Bulls Eye Bulls is produced maximum fund dot Org World Headquarters Overlooking MacArthur Arthur Park in beautiful Los Angeles California where the birds have discovered the barge the raft. The kind of floats around the lake. I think it was once a vote landing. Anyway they've covered it in what birds cover things in the show is. Produced by speaking into microphones producer. Is Kevin Ferguson Bergerson. Hey Soussan Barosio is our associate producer. We get help from Casey O'Brien and his giant electric piano our production fellows Jordan cowling and Melissa. I said Dwayne yes are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by the go team thanks to them and their label Memphis Industries for letting US use set and one last thing we have done many interviews in our shows nearly two decades starting with the time that my friend Jordan went to Dick Tale Dot net on the web and called the King of the Surf Guitar at his trailer in the desert. All of those interviews are available on our website at maximum fund. Dot Org if you're a big fan of the Marvelous Mrs Mazel we talked with Amy Sherman. Palladino the show's creator. We're on facebook twitter and Youtube. Just search for Bullseye. With Jesse Thorn you can keep up with the show there and I think that's about it just remember. Albright Radios have a signature sign off Bullseye. With Jesse Thorn is a production of maximum refund dot Org and is distributed by N._p._R...

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