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Join triple J's harboring him as they challenge Ozzy's to deliver their most elaborate Yang in simply the jest. I look in the rear vision mirror. And my crocodile had started out of the box. Damn word that ABC listen up today. You're listening to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Millman. Following our interview this morning with Jasmine Ellen, who was speaking about her allegations off right that took place at a party when she was 15 back in 2013. It's a really excellent timing to speak to just fill this morning investigative journalist and presenter of the documentary Serious See what You made me Do, which premieres this evening, a three part series at half past eight on SBS. But of course, is struck from her incredibly important book. See what you made me do, which is a stellar prize winner, a bestseller and now widely regarded as a key volume indicate document when it comes to understanding, sexual violence and intimate partner violence. Just feel really good to talk to you. Good morning. Morning, Virginia. How are you? I'm well. It's been a a pretty big morning talking about this issue again. And it has stood up in listeners. Well, all the emotions and feelings and responses that you would expect analogy ation off rape from some time ago, a police the beginnings of a police investigation. It was then dropped for, you know, lack of any evidence to to proceed with and a someone making the allegation lift to the feeling that they have not been heard or understood. Yeah, And that feeling it's just Gatting. You know when I think that You know, I've been that that situation for not with the anything nearly a so serious but with something that would that feel quite threatening and I thought to myself Well, you know, police don't always get it right with Jeff. I feel like you know, it's a relief that we did. It will have a system here where I can go on report this and that it will be at least taken seriously and noted down. And they went to report what had been basically like a threatening letter. Andre just got this look of total disinterest from the from the cop on the front desk, and my stomach just dropped it just it was really a such a good reminder, though, but here in the situation where I just wanted them to note it down, I wasn't anything so serious and squat. Yasmina and others have been through. But even that was treated, you know, It's so pulling late. I just walked by thinking like I've just had, like 5% of that experience that people have when they're turned down by police or really killed or blamed for what they come to report. Which is what your documentary and of course your book went to was, well, the steps on domestic violence Ah, well known now, But the conversation about it does seem to have shifted and changed. And I think, in large part because off a book like yours, this is no doubt going to be very difficult viewing for a lot of people. Yes. Yeah, And but you know it. I think that, like some people have told me that when I like they couldn't read the book, But they could listen to the audio book because it's religion would feel like there were alone on. I think that having it on television Yes, of course. You know, it's immediate, You know, its vessel on. The people are talking to the camera of seeing their faces. But I think you can watch it with other people. You know you could be sitting there, if not in actual space, you know, locking onto Twitter or having online sort of watching fishing so that you don't feel like it's just you on this material alone. Um, but yes, obviously especially anybody who has missed through this all of the obvious, like content warning supply. Um, but we really have tried. We have tried to really care for the audience in this And it's not just should have a grim cataloging of violence and abuse. It really is trying to get across. What is it the very heart of domestic abuse? Can we reduce down and probably even shouldn't use that word, but But can we list can be properly understand the drivers off domestic and intimate partner violence. Yeah, It's like, you know, this is one way that is overused in this area. That's complex, but I guess what we're looking at, like, Why did he do it? If we're looking at men fall in front of particularly, um What I want that in the book, and what we were able to touch on in the theories is that you know you're dealing with guys that come from various different backgrounds have old different histories. And, yes, there are some key similarities that show up in perpetrators. Our entitlement, Unorthodox, humiliated fury. You know this thing of like, I've been disrespected. I've been hard done by so I'm going to you know, I'm gonna be the one in control. I'm gonna make sure I have a predictable outcome in this relationship, which literally something I've heard of people try to say, Um, you know, I'm gonna make sure that she never humiliate me again and that she doesn't leave. And that's really Kay. The feeling among you know, a large cohort of perpetrators, which is Eyes. Have a deep level feel unlovable unworthy the minute she finds that out, she's gonna be out the door. So I need to set up a situation where she can't leave her because she feels so degraded that she won't feel like anyone else will want her or where I monitor her. Every movement. So I basically per patrol the perimeter of our relationship. But you then you've also got a very much smaller cohort of guys. You have really serious pathologies. You were talking about people with Sokha practical, sociopathic tendencies or narcissistic personality disorder. If you try to put those guys behavior change program The other guys I just talked about, you know, they'll just take control of it, though. You know, Try to collude with the facilitators. They'll they're They're very hard to reform that small group and they're very dangerous. So it's it's really It's very important that we don't just treat this is one homogenous problem. That we look at these guys collectively but offer individually and look at how do we approach all these different of one of them would have been a word types of perpetrators and talking about those different types of perpetrators..

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