How to Generate Loyal and Committed Clients with Cristy Nickel


The working with christy nikko. Christie is the president and ceo of code rid author of the code revolution number. Two will ranked boxes. Currently retired and celebrity tristesse a warning from china in elite level. Athletes is also the author of four books. I'm really excited to have her on the show. She's an evid makita salesperson and has got a kick ass business which we're gonna talk about today's episode. Welcome to the show. Kristy yes and the mohawk. Let's not forget the mohawk. Oh my god. I got a different color for change it constantly. My poor husband walks around the corner. He goes and he goes. Oh as you. And i'm like why do you think it's red now. So yes thank you for that awesome introduction. Only some some background on you. What do you do. Who do you help. And how'd you get into the space. The elevator pitch is. I created a nutrition program that enables people to lose ten percent of their body weight every month without shakes pills diet foods or exercise. So that's kind of the some of the code red lifestyle but it kind of started back when i was. I was raised in northern idaho which is in the pacific northwest and i was raised very poor. My dad was a cop and our local minister was a very small town and my mom worked for minimum wage and we just had no money but we raised on a farm and so we were very poor growing up and when it was time for me to move out of the house and go to college. Nobody in my family helped me. That was zero help. I was working. I bought my first horse at ten years old making monthly payments to my neighbor to buy this horse so i started waiting tables and i was just waiting tables and bartending trying to put myself through nursing school and i was approached by a boxing coach after he watched me in in a local boxing class. And he said how long you been. Boxing and i said forty four minutes. And he said you have a propensity for this. And i was like pow whatever and he goes. Do you wanna fight. And i thought fight. Are you kidding me like real fight. I've never even been in a fight. Never been hit. He said you could earn money. Well that's all. I needed to hear because i was so poor so i literally started fighting for my dinner. I started fighting for five hundred bucks a five. This legit federally licensed sanctioned boxing matches you know six ounce gloves Twelve rounds three minute rounds and little. Did i know. I was really good at boxing

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