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How about the calendar shoot though by the way so you know you're posing in bikinis and some of them said they were asked to be nude and they had an audience these men gotta watch them change in pose like how inappropriate can we get that inappropriate apparently damon i'm a follow four four girls and i think i think what strikes me is you know i watch you know all my girls they cheer and the stays there you go from literally chilly being sport which it is anyone who watches the competitions and stuff conclusively these girls are cheerleader our athletes but as you rise up the ranks to to the professional level it takes on a whole different form and so my question this is a societal issue you know we all know slam on dan snyder for bevy of things with it with the washington redskins organization but i'm just talking overall maximum this is goes to a bigger issue where literally you're objectified these women in this in this situation where it's not a sport anymore it's clearly not this is a situation where you literally using women as props for you particular situations we got this report where they are in costa rica and they're you know seem like contractually going out with you you know know people that affiliated with the with the with the organization and this is like how did they deviate from from his reuss we're talking about cheerleading this has nothing to do with cheerleading this has everything to do was just exploiting women whether it'd be their looks or whatever the case may be this has nothing to do with what they should be originally therefore in first place damian like we don't have to part of it is selling the attraction of the opposite gender right like two men and that that is the marquette awesome in but even if i agree but even if we accept that as apprentice okay consenting adults and they can sign up for.

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