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Yeah fair enough. Well i mean that's one of the things i tell people to that i. I have trouble finding things. Just about the voice i industry. We've written thirty five hundred articles. Maybe more than that now. Over the past several years a bunch of research reports so a fairly small catalogue in this in the scheme of things Very rich and a very specific topic area. And i tell people they they go to google and they try to find things and they sent me an email. I can't find this type of information as exist just search on my website because my website. You're only going to be looking for things that are relevant right. And you're not gonna have all these people gaming the system and all these things now. I will say that. I'm sort of justin code. Coats has been on me for like two years to put l. goalie which i need to do. It's just one of those things. I never got around to but i felt like it wasn't as big of an issue maybe two years ago. Maybe we had a thousand or fifteen hundred articles. But i've noticed that the whatever whatever out of the box search that we use wordpress site Just is not no longer is good as it used to be like. I'm they things. Like i have to not only search but then i also have to use some so my memory to say okay. I know this was this time period. So that i can really narrow it down as opposed to just bring me the relevancy that it wants. Because i don't think we have parameters in there. That are a able to really hit that relevancy on them on the nose. Like you're saying yeah we. We often find that. Sometimes you know a companies you know more than just yourself sell start off with a basic search but then they get to a certain sort of tipping point when they realize this is probably not the optimum and then they start to to look at us so you're by no means alone brett but Maybe dustin a ninety two tag team and get you get you to to implement. I'll go leah. yes. I think so. And a lot of people in the industry will know duston Because he's been around for a long time and maybe that's a good segue. Let's let's talk a little bit about search invoice. So that's a feature that l. Kolia added a couple of years ago and in your perspective on this having been in this search field in the past.

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