Danny Masterson, Church Of Scientology, White House discussed on AP News Radio


On this week's AP religion roundup, the Church of Scientology is evoked in the rape trial of actor Danny Masterson, The White House weighs in on anti semitic comments made by the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, and an ancient shrine destroyed by Islamic State militants gives up its secrets. A Los Angeles prosecutor says rape allegations by three women against that 70s show actor Danny Masterson contained disturbing elements. The prosecutor says the women didn't initially report the two decade old crimes because they feared being ostracized by the Church of Scientology, where they and Masterson were members. Two of the alleged victims first went to the church to report what happened to them, were told it wasn't rape, and that reporting it to authorities or telling others about it would end with them being ostracized by their closest friends and even family members. The 46 year old actor remains a member of the church, he's pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape. The rapper formerly known as Kanye West is offering to buy right-wing friendly social network parlor after west was blocked from posting on Twitter and Instagram for anti semitic pose. When I can speak to is anti semitism, which is hateful, it is dangerous. White House press secretary karine Jean Pierre condemned the remarks. At the end of the day, it is disgusting. And it is there is no room, absolutely no room, no place in our political discourse to be having that type of really vile conversation. Archeologists have discovered a massive royal palace beneath an ancient Iraqi shrine dedicated to the prophet Jonah. A German expedition is exploring the 2500 year old throne room directly below the traditional side of Jonah's tomb. Professor Stefan mall of heidelberg university says Islamic State militants created a series of tunnels into the palace beneath the tomb, perhaps to loot the artifacts that remained. Today, archeologists are using the tunnels to discover ancient artifacts and architecture, including the largest single room from antiquity ever built in the region. I'm Walter ratliff.

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