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In Indiana something to say about Michigan state home order he's making sure that people see it a couple of digital billboards right at the border the one for cars heading toward Michigan ask drivers if they sure they really want to go there the sign for traffic coming into Indiana welcomes people to roam the state's Steve Swick says he owns a broadcast company that's behind the billboards just get people think and and a lot of you know let him know that the great state of Indiana is getting getting open for business and we welcome them to come down he says no one paid the company to do it and it's not meant to be political it's been a violent start to summer in Chicago police superintendent David Brown and other command staff will announce the launch of the department's twenty twenty summer mobile patrol unit a little bit later today and the justice department says the federal investigation into the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a top priority riots broke out last night as peaceful protests turned violent when suspected looter was shot and killed by a pawn shop owner several buildings were burned let's look at your money on WGN here's orient Samuelson still in the green on Wall Street this morning the numbers are higher the Dow industrial average up seventy three points the S. and P. five hundred up twelve points the nasdaq is up fifty six points and even breaks the volatility index of the CBO wheat is higher up a little more than a quarter of a point one of the victims of the pandemic is champagne global champagne sales are forecasters dropped by a third or a hundred million bottles this year as the crisis shops bars and restaurants worldwide in the hammers the economies the collapse is akin to what wartime depression the champagne producer group but told Reuters today that lost sales could total over one point nine billion dollars in twenty twenty and the downturn could last for many years the grand parade of the Chicago board of trade this morning we find the July wheat contract trading higher it's up a nickel a bushel the July corn contract is up four and three quarters cents a bushel and July soybeans trading lower down six cents a bushel livestock futures Chicago mercantilist strange red screen there in the June lean hog contract down two dollars eighty seven cents a hundredweight the June live cattle contract is down twenty seven cents a hundredweight and the August feeder cattle contract down thirty cents a hundredweight that's your money on seven twenty WGN seventy two degrees right now and here I'm Steve Burr trend on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN Jay Farner here CEO of.

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