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To your health on W. C. O. P. now for the latest on the corona virus Maryland governor Larry Hogan has ordered the state prisons to speed up the release of inmates with fewer than four months left in their sentences Montgomery County public schools is moving to a pass fail grading system Howard in prince George's county you are already doing so worldwide the outbreak has infested infected rather more than two point three million people more than one hundred and sixty thousand people have died in the U. S. there have been more than seven hundred and thirty five thousand cases forty thousand deaths there are high hopes contact tracing app could alerted us in the future if we have express it's been exposed to corona virus but as WTOP's Jenny Glick reports some experts are sounding the alarms Google and apple are teaming up to unveil a Kobe nineteen Bluetooth contact tracing app in may data doctors Ken Colburn says it could be problematic that they're looking to roll out the apps so fast he says there are always privacy issues when it comes to tracking apps he expects scammers to try take advantage and use fake trading apps to try to compromise smartphones beyond privacy concerns that will likely be a feature to opt out Coburn says consumers would why we have to opt in for the app to work genuflect WTOP news the corona virus pandemic has shined a light on the age old problem of racial and health care disparities in underserved communities the people who live in communities where social distancing is nearly impossible are also unlikely to have the protective items they need to be making sure they're underserved unique access to the appropriate net and sanitized and gloves unfortunately they don't emergency room physician Dr Geoffrey mount Varner tells us what happens next thank you it's gonna go out and interact with other TV which means we're all going to get more exposed but he says as states begin to re open and we face an uncertain future keep in mind we're all in this together black white purple gray it's twelve twenty two a new prescription pick up and delivery program for seniors has been launched in Loudon county the county sheriff says it's also available to those who are more vulnerable to culvert nineteen members of the Loudon county sheriff's office in coordination with the resident and local pharmacies will pick up prescription medications and deliver them to private residences in the county residents can call the sheriff's office twenty four seven to take part deliveries will be made during normal business hours it's twelve twenty two we could see spikes in drug overdoses because of the corona virus here are the warning signs you should look for seemingly harmless items in plain sight can suggest drug abuse over the counter medications with code three association job dollars has a common side effect of legal and illegal opiates is constipation and nausea if you're starting to see constipation medications knowledge of medications and your child does not when you don't know of an existing issue that they have had it could be worth a question another sign is black soot IV drug users create when heating and melting drugs often in a spoon spoon gets a black.

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