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And you know it Masih and relationships and I, it's a lot of this. Upon the girls and these little girls turned up to be women with a lot of insecurities, particularly if you're somebody like need that constantly guy picked on and criticize about certain things be Joe, wait the age of skiing. Joe hair being high, you look, you know, and that shit sticks with people. You know four long time and is very hard to actually get over and you you. You never quote unquote get over, but you get to the point that you begin to be more comfortable in your own skin, you know? And I know my sound silly, but yeah, I used to have to. I've come a long way. I used to have to look into looking to mirror at myself and tell myself that I was beautiful. I mean, lily look in the mirror and tell myself that I was beautiful, you know, and I wonderful. You know. And is one of those things where that might sound quote, unquote challenges. But it's a lot of grown as women that do not think that they're beautiful. They don't think they're beautiful. They don't think worthy of love. They don't think that there were the of of a maid or having children. I, those are heavy weight that a lot of women have right. And they take this into adulthood in a lot of times, these women have children, they have little girls and that heartache in that pain in that broken heartedness if they're not careful is passed on their daughter. So if you struggle with things, all of a sudden you constantly criticizing your daughter for having big feed or having, you know a big bird or having big breasts door criticizing her about her skiing and criticizing her about her hair and tell her she got to do this and tell her to be more more womanly and and don't be a tomboy or whatever. It is you find yourself picking her apart just like you were picked apart. And the thing is, you know how that Paine field. So you had to get to the point where you have to say, okay, that's that back to that. The book stops here. That's back to that book ducks here, you know. And there are a lot of things now since I'm almost forty. I am to the point now and my forties. I can truly say, you know, confidently with no shaking in my foundation that I actually truly love myself. I love myself. Don't get me wrong, but I, I've never loved myself like I do now. And when I mean little myself like I do now, that means I love all my imperfections. I love what I'm not. I love what I can't do. You know, I knowledge what I can't do. You know, I, I love the scars on my my skin. You know the birth marks that I have. You know, I love my hair as it is. Is, you know you get to the point where you look in and you had to tell yourself is only one me I am unique in his only one me can't nobody duplicate me k. nobody do this life, but me, you know, and a lot of times once you get to the point where you truly love yourself, that's self confidence comes in a lot of women who has had companies all of their lives, those women, you know, God bless you, but for I can't speak for you because I haven't always had to self confidence that I have right now. You know, I can do things now that I never thought I would do before. You know, you know, you get to the point to where you know you actually like you have a voice as you get older, you know, because that's the thing. Another topic, one thing about a do a lot of dues, like young women, they lot young women because you don't know who you are eighteen years old. You don't know who you are at twenty one years old. You don't know. You still. Learning you are easily manipulated. You can easily be twisted and molded into what they want to be..

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