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But where harris hurt you out of the backfield. And he's just such so well rounded and yeah he can make you miss but he calls a run you over his more physical than et n. I'd just really love his game. And then like you said they do have their such a great offense alabama's is and it's the old you know you can't stop can hope to contain them and that has to go here. You have to try and get a few stops here and there you have to try and get at least one turnover. Hopefully two or more against us. Alabama offense that's one of the highest dates defense needs to do they need to be bend but don't break make them earn every yard. It's going to win this game and you know even if you don't force a punt don't force a turnover you know. Maybe some field goals if they get down deep. If you do that you can win the game But again alabama's gonna get their share of yards for sure they're gonna get their points. Allies day just has to mitigate it you know as best they can i think if they can keep alabama under forty. They can win this game. I feel like it's really You know the basketball term a lot of times. We'll say i of the team to whatever i team to forty. Who's going to win this game. That seems reasonable. The obvious answer to this question is ohio. State's db's against those loaded alabama wide receivers go beyond that. What what aside from those individual matchups would be your biggest concern tonight on either end of the ball. I would say Ohio state's linebackers and pass coverage they. They're really good against the run. They have one linebacker. That's really good and covers pete werner very versatile But tough borland's very good against the run not good against the past barron browning against the past charleston you. It's been fantastic. Sixty or senior from cincinnati. He's been tremendous in all areas so they do have some linebackers. That are good against the past. But you hit on it. I mean the biggest thing is definitely Ohio state secondary against the passing attack in general devante smith. If plays i think he's gonna be on an extreme pitch count. And how good will he be coming off that broken ankle. it's only been two and his. His game is speed. I read between the lines of what nick sabin said. I'll be surprised if lotto plays but if he does again i i don't expect he's going to be that effective but regardless that's offense is so good sark's done a great job designing it and they got town all over the place. I think it will hurt them a little bit. Maybe more than a little bit that they're starting centers out with the injury because the guy replacing him Does that great very well. According to pro football focus and he's a fifth year seniors. Kinda been around has never really played like a guy. It's a young guy with a lot of talent So that could hurt alabama a little bit but as far as what concerns would concern me. The most about ohio state certainly linebackers in coverage and just trying to defend this alabama passing game in general dave middle nuts dot com on twitter at dave biddle. Other way around. Take me to a place where you feel like ohio state might have at least a somewhat decided advantage. I really like ohio states. Matchup when they're an offense against us alabama defense. Ohio state is going to be at full-strength offensively. There's no go issues. Full-strength justin feels..

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