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And also more subsidies for for home buying books what has the been any palpable success well so far it's still really too early to tell but one of the things that that is clear is that there has been a sharp uptick in the number of people who became officially and legally married because I think in order to access the subsidies you do have to be legally married so it's going to be hard to tell whether or not people will send these birds have more children but many economists say that that actually when people are making decisions about how many children to have these incentives are not necessarily the top priority the top priority are good institutions prospects for a for a big future at center and I should mention actually sorry that that one of the hallmarks of these policies incentives last year was announcing that women who bear four or more children will never have to pay income tax again for the rest of their lives which came into effect now this month and you would have some effect yes well it's that you know what what study shows that it's not actually the fourth child that's a big question but but the second or third you know once once new parents really see how hard it is to to raise a kid but Mr Arman did say at his press conference last week that he would like to he's been asking the finance minister to see if he could extend this to women who bear three or more children as well I want him coming I want to involve our guests in asking you questions in a moment Valerie it's worth noting here isn't it that hungry scenes at the center of the European immigration story and that's because thousands tens of thousands of people came through Hungary back in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen when there's that big rush particularly from Syria almost none of them stayed today no no in the Hungarian government at the time and and subsequently has made it very clear that it does not want to host my grins especially non Muslim migrants and the prime minister or burns had again at the press conference that he is worried about cultural mixing and he wants to focus on producing Hungarian babies and not address the demographic decline was encouraged yeah can I ask you a question do you think or bonds a secret feminist because of a woman has four kids she won't have time to work so maybe they want the husbands to work and then I mean the husband to stay home with the babies on the woman to work you think this is going on you know it's it's it's possible I think that the government has has done a lot of work promoting its its policy for towards families and you know there's an appointed secretary of state for for use in family affairs and they've tried to to put themselves in the vanguard of demographic policy in Europe posting huge summits here last year and and really going abroad as well to to talk about this but I I think that Hungary unlike hungry has some of the lowest rates of sixteen women in parliament actually Turkey has more women per capita and its parliament in Hungary does and or bond this is his fourth term and this is the first German which he's had female ministers many not many feminists points that we'll have another question about sort of storing this Paul of Christian rhetoric you know which is a deep deep pollsters the to key in Eastern Europe you hear that it has purchased in Poland for example but does courting on Hungarians to claim that so called Christian identity to how does that play out yes it is definitely a big topic here and and you know our prime minister or bond who in twenty fourteen made headlines by talking about his vision for ill liberalism is now has now sort of pivoted to using the term Christian freedom to describe his alternatives view for for the type of society that he wants to build one thing that I think is very interesting about this story is that it may be the the the junction where he is nationalist a message and his pro Christian message actually collide because you know the majority of the Hungarian Christians are actually get Catholics in the Catholic Church is against in vitro fertilization this is a problem declining birthrates that loads of European countries struggle with Germany has gone some way to solving it by accepting loads of immigrants although never went public about that being a reason but but all the other successful examples else wed the Tungri complain to and learn from do you know well I think that that Hungary has actually realize that there are not so many success stories and I think it's trying to to to build its own so I mean in the in the twenty eight year member states ten of them saw falling populations last year and actually the EU as a whole is at the top of the list for population declined by twenty fifty so I think that you know a lot of the EU countries are slowly waking up to realizing that they will they will need to take active measures to to figure out what to do whether that's immigration which is more immediate or this kind of long game long version of Mr our van is definitely someone who has a long game as someone has now been in power for three consecutive terms over the last ten years ominous trying to to build that kind of strategy but he often you know he they've organized big summits in Washington DC with key members of the White House and as well here last year there was a big demographic summit without other prime ministers from central Europe so and now you know that the European Union for the first time has a commissioner for democracy and democracy and it's it's clear that that the prime minister has actually played a big role in setting this agenda within Europe I think thank you very interesting loads of insights Valerie Hopkins for the Financial Times in Budapest this is weekend.

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