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I think we have a pretty good idea who some of these young players are. Grant is good. Especially if he can shoot, you know, I don't know if he's going to continue the shooting throughout his life, but if he continue to be a 40% three point shooter, he's good. He's a fine 5th starter 7th guy in your rotation in that range. It would be nice if he was bigger, a little quicker feet, but he's a good, useful player. Lankford, I'm pretty well out on at this point. He just can't shoot. These last two games holy crap. Can't you? But it's been the whole season. He started out of the yesterday Randy maybe four for 6 and a shooting like 28% since then. It's just not there. And then they took him out in a defensively, like they had to put Richardson in two minutes into the third quarter against the clippers because Langford couldn't hang onto a canard around the streets. Yeah, there's, I think, a real resume of his defensive impact. It's sort of the young player defense, where it's like, oh, look, I didn't think he could do that. But the totality of his defense is nothing special. He has it's not a massive negative that keeps him off the floor or anything like that. But average guard defender who can't shoot is not it's just not a useful player. Unless you're an amazing passer or something and he's not that either. So I'm pretty well out on that. If he's your tenth guy or something that's fine, I guess, but he has like you're not going to pay his next contract at this point. Questionable whether they should have you? Yeah, should I pick up that option? They did it for 14 picked only a ton of money, but by year four they make some amount of money. And it's not there. Again, primarily because you can't shoot. And we know what Pritchard is, I think, as well at this point, which is that he's a backup point guard. If you try to plan 45 minutes night, it overextends it exposes them in and he can't do that. He's probably not as good or useful player as Dennis Schroeder in the abstract if you were starting a new team. They would have been better off yesterday with shooter than Pritchard, right? So in the COVID world where you never have a complete roster and where you desperately need whatever amount of inefficient shock creation can provide,.

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