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Bravo. What a great show. If I could give an award on this podcast for best in show it would absolutely be the NFL. Roger Goodell tell me why does the NFL care? Why do they care if the are using marijuana? They don't they truly don't it doesn't affect anything about them. But it's a bargaining chip and they were holding over the player's head. So here's what sadly going to happen here eight again. I don't fault the NFL for doing this. This is negotiating one. Oh One I'm a firm believer in business is business and you have to do. What's best for you in these situations? You have no obligation to be nice to the person you're negotiating with but again this zero value for the NFL in a ton of value for the NFL players. So they gave in and they said we're not going to suspend any players are marijuana related failures and drug tests. Were also going to remove all suspensions for players who are currently suspended based off marijuana charges which does include Justin Blackmon as well as Josh Gordon. In a handful of other big names that we've mentioned before in now the. Nfl is hopefully going to get their seventeenth game and their additional playoff game. More money pouring in more hits for these players but they're not going to test for a drug that is legal over a large portion of the country an UN- shocking development a predictable one but still just remind you of how much of a dirty business. This is not necessarily an agreement or partnership between the players in the league and it shouldn't be again as I mentioned. It should not be that but this was very good negotiating by the NFL in the CBA Department. Making sure that they held this over the player's head to moment and now it's almost a sure thing. Apparently this new. Cba will pass and we'll have seventeen weeks of football not this coming season but the season after with an additional playoff game either way. Exciting for football fans everywhere. The Oklahoma sooners are taking on their final opponent of the regular season and it is going to be a nail biter the taking on the TCU Horn frogs. Who were playing pretty well here in the final stretch of big twelve play. They defeated West Virginia. They defeated Baylor a close loss to Iowa state and a nine point loss in Lawrence Against Kansas earlier. In the week this game will be a five PM ON ESPN two. The sooners likely need to win this one two punch their ticket to the big dance and they are going to be fighting tooth and Nail Chris. Doolittle averaging sixteen points on the season with nine rebounds. It's safe to assume that coming out on this one. He is going to be excited. The try to make a statement and get a big time victory for his program. After missing two key free throws at the end of the Texas game costing them a victory sooners now eighteen and twelve on the year. Eight and nine in conference play Looking to get to nineteen wins heading into the big twelve tournament again. Big Time match up. This won't be down in Fort Worth at five. Pm Tomorrow the final game of Oklahoma state's regular season is almost upon us. Final game in big twelve play is against the Texas. Longhorns and I'm sure Oklahoma state fans are all just slowly sighing in relief that this year from hell has almost come to a close Oklahoma state now sixteen and fourteen insured themselves at least be above five hundred in the regular season. Six eleven where they're taking on the red. Hot longhorns or coming not only a four game win streak but also the fifth game in that win streak coming over on a buzzer beater against Oklahoma. Texas has really been playing ugly basketball. And I I mean that is a compliment. Their defense has been upstanding because they know that their offense is anything but that so they need to keep these scores low. And good thing. For the LONGHORNS. And the POKES IS. That's exactly what each one of these teams want to do. Both teams struggled to score. Both teams can played good defense stretches but Oklahoma state likely playing in their last meaningful game of the year. And just trying to play spoiler you head into this ball game. Texas is now on the inside just barely on making the tournament after what seemed like an impossibility a few weeks ago. Oklahoma state has nothing to play for other than just simply removing Texas from playing in March madness. And that is enough for some guys. We see teams play spoiler all the time. This'll be fun. What's on three? Pm ON ESPN. Two Oklahoma state coming in after a surprising win over Iowa state followed up by a win over Kansas State. Probably the worst team in the big twelve always say season almost done but one final game against Texas twelve months have finally passed says the reign of Texas Tech and Kansas State of big told champions is over. Kansas has won the big twelve yet again. Well we all kind of expected that to have the YEAR OF REVENGE FOR BILL SELF IN. Adidas is in full swing. Kansas now has won fifteen straight in his led. By as a Buki. Who's been playing very well down here. In the stretch likely going to be the number one overall seed in the tournament but as we prepare for the big twelve tournament. We now have the schedule out. It'll start on Wednesday march. Eleventh will be the first round of those games. Thursday march twelfth will be the second round the semifinals Friday the finals on Saturday which will give us our big twelve champion. These games will start at six PM. Apm respectively in the first round and start as early as eleven thirty on the Thursday for the quarterfinals in the final game. Tipping off at eight PM. It'll be exciting to see where Oklahoma falls in. This ranking We also at this point know that Oklahoma state likely going to be the number nine seed playing at six PM on. Espn U. on March Eleventh Victim Tournament. Right around the corner. It's always a great time in Kansas City. The sprint center after a devastating loss. To the Texas LONGHORNS. The Oklahoma basketball teams likely going to find themselves as a ten seed if everything shook out as it sits right now. That's obviously pretty devastating. News for ou. Who thought they might climb to a little bit better of a position projections right now though do have them as the last ten seed in on the bubble of being out again. This only proves how important this game is this weekend but Oklahoma likely going to be playing in March madness and not have to play to play in game which also seem like a possibility a few weeks ago Salon Krueger and Christian doolittle along with Brady manic trying to make some noise in the tournament will have to do it by playing from behind. This has been the big story today. Podcast my name is Chisholm Holland at Chisholm Holland on twitter. And I appreciate you listening. Please make sure you leave us. A five star review on itunes extremely helpful for us or whatever platform you are listening to this podcast from also gives a tweet if you make it to the end of the absurd at Chisholm Holland on twitter. I would love to know what your thoughts are on. This new podcast. We've watched the franchise. Were part of the franchise podcast network sponsored by new balance at Edmond at Fourteen Ninety two South Bryant Avenue in Edmond Oklahoma as well as Lucky Star Casino and Konczal. 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