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Because repressed volatility has been a theme throughout the markets we've got a bit about Quinn pond I give the kids standing by Mumbai with a quick look at the markets I can well we are looking at a very rapid quiet moments so and this is a hand off the holiday season on Aug again allows you an expected lines it's been a little bit all five will decline coming in for the benchmarks bond I would take this as someone consolidation on expected lines as a lot of analysts had indicated as it is the same for the banking nifty we must remember that the net will eternity indexes also but collapse quite substantially to level is being a little on the last seen on Oct twelve the last scene back in July of two thousand nineteen and not too much to speak for as far as he knew to be as concerned either so it's been a wave a quiet day and we're expecting it to be a quiet week going forward as well considering we are expecting our lack of participation from institutions I can thank you very much I have a cable that in Mumbai with the very latest on the mock it's not a Saudi court has sentenced five people to death for the murder of the government quick to market shop G. but it ruled that the last year's killing was not premeditated the court also said that it didn't have enough evidence to incriminate two top officials close to the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman US not until images yeah that the all the end of the criminal court.

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