New York, Insurance Companies, Bernie Sanders discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Lara brooklyn new york the great wabc we don't have a lotta time go okay so republicans now the biggest problem in that country is incredible outrageous how can trying to paint him but no one cannot work right now to bring down premium brand down car now they right up there now i let you right there so tell me lara heavily write a bill to bring down premiums and bring down costs in liberal land welfare thing you you can't read sucking health and giant bracket saw we get rid of the insurance companies as at it that number why may tie is something lady let me educate you you leftist from new york it's the bloodsucking government that's creating the problems at stopped bloodsucking liberals in this country who get their hands on everything and redistributing wealth and try to rebuild this country in their image the problem is they don't have an image do they act like people in this country a but for obamacare but for big government are going to die in the streets has that ever happened miss whether that happen that second thing you do answer my question get paypal what preexisting conditions die in the streets can you tell me what does that not in your lifetime that phone you jerk now i feel better i feel better that led seconds chance cadillac plans i hear this marxist bernie sanders crap all the time every now and then we we want to present one for you so the answer is ladies and gentleman get rid of profit get rid of capital has get rid of the market system everybody should get everything and we know it doesn't work we have a veteran's administration we know it doesn't work we have medicaid that is going broke medicare's going broke i wish everybody can get everything they want but the were realistic mature adults here we're not left wing cooks who seek to impose on us a system that will destroy our healthcare system how many more experiments do we need in this country and in other countries how many more you want waiting lists that's what she offers that's right you want rationing.

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