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It's a definite high-grade holiday did. Really? Well, but if they weren't gonna make this rip the band aid off moment, I'd like to see some continued at least experimentation. Yeah. Maybe one thing broadcast just kind of figure it out, especially when they get to this situation. We're came is going to be fighting Francis. Where this the full on ESPN experience. I wanna make sure about how we get there. We've got I don't know should feel a little different. I mean, I feel like they are making changes the bell. Adding Trevor Wittman, you know, they don't want experiment too much. There is some experimentation going on the thing about the last thing about this move on. What's funny about the belt is like when I was editor in chief of bloody elbow ten years ago. I remember that we would do occasional refreshes on the front, and I would get I would be privy to the refresh from the tech designers. Designing it. Here's what we're putting this here. And here's what we're putting us here. I'd be like do they are gonna. I love this. And then we'd roll out the refresh and every comment what are you doing you morons? You've ruin the experience. So I can't tell if I don't like the belt or if I'm just now when those people who doesn't like the fresh changes heart changes changes, very hard. I the changes downgrade. That's that's why we don't like it. It's really it's just a silly rejigging of your hard wiring of convenience, and what people don't like it. So I'm going to say, generally, we're going to give the ESPN and you'll see I run pretty high marks a lot. It was a home run stand standup. Triple very very good, which brings us to the other side of things I'm going to do which for the boys in the back. We'll put her even Connor just in a minute. But let's talk about bills or to fourteen I wanna get to the meat of the show here. It is this weekend. It is going to be in Inglewood, California at the form, which is where John Jones last kind of interesting. Where teams last fall? That's right. That's right. Here's the funny thing about this. Chuck see two thirty three was supposed to take place. That's right. That's right. Here's a. Anything about it, man. They looked out at first right because it was going to three was going to be down the wrong. Market they market and then fell apart. And then Scott Coker who apparently used new habits to sub tweet which has been. It's kind of interesting so they lucked out. But then they lost their main event. I gotta be honest. What do you think would be better for them to have the main event back while the UC's competing or this scenario, and I like the scenario, honestly, I I like, you know, the card itself kind of has it has a vintage Coker feel which is it's got some novelty to it. It's a prospect to it. And it's got the legend Hurrell, it's got it's got the fate orga-. You know, if you go back to the strikeforce as there was a lot of cars of structured like this. It strikes me as enter two thousand nineteen one of those types of cards, and I love the fact that he sub tween, you know, back in the day ten years ago. It was it was wouldn't doom beat a millionaire who was who sub tweeden who was doing the smiley face from Dana white now, you get kind of a reverse. It's funny a decade later. It's funny. And you and you see, you know, you see Coker taking his shots to me. That's this is this is part of what? Fun. And this is a rare moment for Bill toward shine. Because there was supposed to be you'll see event with this basically chased at a town for a number of reasons but bell towards presence being one of them..

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