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Case. He's also not yet named his ambassador to China, where his son Hunter's business deals have faced scrutiny. Jackie Heinrich reporting Hunter Biden says he's confident his activities have been legal. Space X is regrouping after its starship prototype crash landed in a fireball. On Wednesday, The rocket exploded during an attempted landing at the Space X launch facility on the Texas coast. After it launched without any problems and got up to around 40,000 FT. The pandemic is having an effect on rent prices in some of Florida's biggest cities in Miami, rents are down by 5.4% over the course of the pandemic. Orlando is down 5.2% and Tampa is the one market. It's actually only the other direction where rents are up by 1% is Selvi Adi from apartment list says many people are moving out of downtown because they can work remotely. He says. Others leave because the nightlife and attractions that lured them downtown have been shuttered by the pandemic. Many people are concerned about taking the vaccine because of possible side effects. Larry Kaplan is part of the Madonna testing program. He got side effects, but he says it's really no big thing. I had chills. And I was a key that night. I had a little bit of a problem sleeping. I still was able to sleep, but not as well as maybe I usually do. And the next day I had stiffness watching that really stiffness soreness pretty much all over until about noon. Which was about the time I got in the shot the previous state, nothing serious enough, he says, to avoid taking the vaccine. Gary Bomb Garden Fox News For those who like spending the night on trains, a trip to Europe might be worth considering. It's not quite a revival of the Orient Express shuttling passengers from Paris to Istanbul, but Western European countries are bringing back international sleeper trains from next year. You can board in Zurich one evening. Wake up in Amsterdam the following morning or start in Vienna and head to Paris. Sleeper trains had been in decline here for decades as flying became cheaper, but governments see railways as crucial in efforts to cut carbon emissions. In London. Simon Aaron Fox News. It's 6 35 and news Radio. W F L A weather is next. T Mobile has been building America's largest five g network for this epic five g moment, introducing the new iPhone 12 pro Now at T Mobile, the leader in five G coverage download upload in Game five G speed in more places unleashed the power of.

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