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The school while the board of trustees begins a search for a permanent president john angler was governor in the 1990s when the state prison system was rocked with charges that be meal inmates and even guards were being abused by male prison guards wjr's dick hafner reports that many lawsuits were filed the change the corrections department with being slow to act on their complaints charges of sexual abuse and other misconduct by male prison guards against female prisoners and guards at women's prisons were filed and went through the court system as a result of wjr news investigations bill martin became director of michigan corrections after the departure of kenneth mcguinness who was the director at the time of our investigations martin told the frank beckmann show it was very salacious and and in really disappointing frankly uh from the standpoint of law enforcement many reforms have taken place in the state prison system started under governor angler but not until the misconduct hit the airwaves dick haefner wjr news illustrates teen years ago today that seven astronauts were killed on board the space shuttle columbia three who strict michelle mcgann lichtblau was returning home after sixteen day research mission when the shuttle began to break apart as it reinterred earth it burned up over texas causing ports of the shuttle to fall from the sky it was later found that tiles damaged during liftoff allowed atmospheric gases to penetrate the shuttle's weighing causing the ship to disintegrate 15 years later loved ones and the nation remembering lives lost i'm clayton evil wjr news time 705 we're going to check out the roads with kevin o'neill thanks marie keeping an eye on a wreck in the city southbound seventy five at eight mile both shoulders affected accidents that's.

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