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45 this morning near North Hampton Drive and New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring. Montgomery County Police say At least one of the three customers robbed and stabbed the man. He was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. Police say the case is still under investigation. And they don't have any information on suspects. We will bring you more today as we get it. 9 11 and the man seen carrying plastic ties that are used as handcuffs and a Taser during the riot at the U. S. Capitol earlier this month, was ordered released until his next court hearing in Nashville. But another judge has now ordered that man to be brought back to the nation's capital. Federal judge in Nashville had ruled there was no proof of Eric Muscles and tanned and he was to be released today. But over the weekend, DC's federal prosecutor, Michael Sherwin, said evidence shows Montreuil could face additional charges. Conspiracy to overthrow the government more serious than previous charges of obstructing government business. In Sherwood's words, the imprint on this country's history of a militia clad insurrectionist standing over and occupied Senate chamber is indelible. Ah Federal judge in D. C. State the release in Nashville in ordered Munch old transferred here. The Lord Unstained W two GOP knows a police officer from Virginia who has been charged with taking part in the storming of the capital, says he and a fellow officer who was with him are losing their jobs. The Roanoke Times reports Rocky Mount Police Sergeant Thomas Robertson has gotten a letter from the city, citing conduct unbecoming an officer as the reason for his firing letter says he'll be fired tomorrow. Robertson says fellow officer Jacob Cracker is also being fired. Police departments around the country continue investigating whether they're off Sisters took part in the riot. And now a man who spent many years in law enforcement says healing. The divide between police and citizens starts with the actions of officers on and off. The clock in question is a situation where you can't have that right around it, But I do believe that that needs to be rooted out. I think it's in the best interest of everyone. Delano Reed is a retired A T F officer in a member of Noble, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement executives, he says, whether you're on or off duty Resources need to live up to a certain level that is above and beyond the actions of normal civilians. Stephanie Gaines Bryant w T o P News The National Park Service is in saying this morning. What caused the exterior lights on the Washington Monument to suddenly go out last night? But in the tweet, the agency is promising to have them back On. Soon we asked the agency what happened? We will let you know as soon as we hear back from them the monument clothes on January 11th as part of security measures for President Biden's inauguration, it remains closed indefinitely to protect employees and visitors from becoming infected with the coronavirus mark your calendar Panda fans, the National Zoo will host a virtual encounter with Pan The cub Shalchi G this Wednesday afternoon from one toe 1 15. Now this is a free event. It will be broadcast live on the zoo's website and on its YouTube channel and Facebook pages. Well, you'll be able to see inside the pandas indoor habit. Police are not that cub is already five months old. That's crazy. 9 14 now in Washington coming up, we'll have sports and then a voting machine company is suing former President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. 9 14 in Washington 2023 year of the pandemic, unemployment uncertainty, and the year I learned I may have to spend more for my HIV medicine in the midst of everything else. A new Trump administration.

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