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Yeah i can't. I can't believe that but it's it's close. Here's how close it is. Sanders played sixty three percents of the snaps to gain forty percent but in the red zone. Eleven of seventeen snaps for sanders. Eight of seventeen for gain well so he's making inroads like we thought patterson was doing last week in atlanta. He's making inroads on those high value touches and he's getting catches those are valued touches to i. Think percentage wise that was the second highest believed. Believe it or not on twitter at fifty five percent believing the gain what would be better than sanders allow. i think. I don't know if you guys know this. But i think he. He scored the rushing touchdown after a play of his. I think he got down to the seven yard line. The phillies special. That's that's yes we've had. That has happened to mile sanders so many times where they've gone to hurry up long play over the last three years. Boston's scott used to them all the time. Okay right but it wasn't like all right. They huddle up and they're they're being signed to the fact that when teams who have miles sanders on their team. Get into the red zone. And he's on the sideline they don't think we should. We should get mile sanders in their weight. Okay let's talk about clyde edwards here. Eighty five percents started. He ends up with fourteen carries for one hundred two yards. And he scores receiving touchdown at the one yard line. But daryl williams was in at the golaghat goal line. Touchdown was in at the goal line on multiple occasions. So i can't sit here and say clydes got that role and also you had two catches so again. Like what do we do. Just just keep them. We can't just say a cell everybody right some guys. You just have to keep right. Yeah so just keep them but you you could and maybe you should. Because for guy who's now had one hundred yard games with the receiving touchdown in back to back weeks. Still playing fifty two percent of the snaps. He was third on the team in red zone. And gold go snaps at running back. Okay swifter clyde swift swift gibson. Clyde gibson i think gibson will be a little higher on the trade chart anything else. This game tyreek with a huge game. Travis kelsey sucks obviously devante smith at one hundred yards. Tight ends are interesting. I think with hurts and daughter. That's how that's how. The eagles were attacking them for a big chunk of the game was going onto the outer edges with the tight ends and with devante smith loved. How devante smith played in. This game loved the usage One some contested catches is thing Goddard is still a thing. I don't think greg ward is really a thing. don't really believe that regular quiz. Watkins is going to be a thing. Heath was watching josh gordon. Warm up before the game today. He had some video of josh. Gordon warming up well and i. Aren't you kind of excited. Maybe about him. L. trade meeting to the offense not necessarily being great for fantasy..

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