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Would rope, the let the legs of the thing they big baseball. She did that, and it was all over you could see via the Bech understood that she was in overhead because she was like, wow. She's beating me where I'm supposed to hold the advantage. Hey, here's a question. You brought something to point. And I think I was watching some analytical work, you guys are doing after one of the fights to talk to me about the clench on the cage to me in two years. Do Do it it. all the time. We're back in the day. And to me before I got smartened up to you guys talked about the commentary. It really drains the person that's being cliched, and for me, I'm thinking, man, this is boring back today. I didn't understand it is that taxing taxing as all the taxing shit. You'll understand carrying another man. I mean you obviously would like no no odor. Constantly just lead. Yeah, it didn't offense doesn't feel good. Get your back your lead. Fist guys hanging on. He's drawing every time you publish back inside. You can feel you Arthur to blow. Right. Moves a little more Muslim oxygen. It's like you're, you're you're it's everything is so briny because nothing's moving fast. It's like this digging it in and then it's like figures it in your squeezing in your pushing in you're doing this for five ten minutes. All of a sudden, you're or twice the song right in there Ariff past, right? So now you're squeezing your orbs. They're just hike. And you're like holy cow. It's an unbelievable inexpressible. The guys ours to change levels. Right. He grabs your leg even though he doesn't finish the take down. You have to drop your love, right? Then he comes back up and he's clutch and you'll get it. He grabbed you like God forbid, the actually takes you down, right? Because then you gotta get your body back up on your head on. It is the most taxing grueling over fighting that anyone could ever experienced. On your c a little Gazza. They'll cover somebody's all the time. I did it the rubble top rumble when I saw him huffing and puffing. And I took my glove and I put it right. Over his mom, who talk about panic mode mission. Because when you deepen your guess, thank. I mean, that would be like my biggest fear. Yes, because you not only do I want to cover the, the Ma I covered them off and make sure my thumb is right around home trying not to allow air to pass through to know because I want, you want to interrupt that breathing do not get it. But it might just like I would go to and you've got to face. I got to do something removes. And if you've got that other arm trapped I gotta be a shitty feel it terrible. And even if you're on your back, and you're trying to breathe. That you covered them all down. When you feel trying to breathe, then you punch him in the stomach. Right. They're starting to end Ryan s with. It's constant even if you're just on tops eve, and your elbow, you do this short elbow, right into the middle of the summit, it messes with the way the guy's trying to breathe. It's dude. I've been in here with Kane four on the bottom, and that, that sixty dollars gloves and he's covering my face. And I just go little brother will just start kicking. You don't even just yell. And it makes it it's something that you until you experience like holy shit Zarb. So you're about to start training here. You start your twelve o'clock session. Like what is today's session consist of today we're going to, to really hit my pets with my codes for like twenty minutes, and we're gonna Martian loss in, and then we do Russell practice where we go on our wrestling shoes, and we pummel, we try to get our weapons used to that feel it. And I'm gonna Russell like live hard wrestling. We do like college wrestling, we don't we don't we don't do an enemy hybrid wrestling, new college wrestling. And then we try to relate it to, like some what we get to the position, what would happen to them. We don't try to change our wrestling. I believe that you have to understand rustling just wrestling, if you're going to apply to the game, right? You'll so we're going to Russell minute it sucks. It's what about in rounding out your, your will house of, of no two things. I mean, do you practice the Brazilian jujitsu at all? Yeah..

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