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Them again I stand for H. seven months and got a middle over there and I applaud that yeah me too okay but he didn't didn't understand why I use all the money out of the smoke no idea well why don't we do it out of the country opal I mean it one of the worst guys on a planet Solomonic and then you go to the green new deal is down with it blogs agree no deal got to have economic justice along with it so the judge is radical left is Bernie Sanders without the socialist label and I predict that the press will soon turn to boot a judge and just today there's a column by eighty B. Stoddard you know are you see on TV once along yes I know the name all right so your heirs are here's ABC as mayor Pete is not male Peters proven not only to be a compelling cabinet with a resident message but effective campaigner all what exactly is the resident message do you it is anybody know what what's the resident mess I think it's quite honestly I don't know if he actually talks about this very much but I think what people get from him is Hey look I'm reasonable and we all just come together that's that's yeah it's a whole it's a whole and change kind of message without ever to finding a change as you know all eight years ago I was in New Hampshire with Barack Obama and that famous incident where his body man tried to block my cameraman from shooting I had to remove the body man I'll but you a bombers credit he said that day that he do an interview with me any day but I sat there for speech after speech and was open change changing hope I don't know who I hope is the one I need well then the changer it was crazy that's exactly what the judges the western impaired your way on the new debt so we're gonna do nat and an embargo lowly all weather was so bad and then I thought the judge would say well yeah but you in Ulysses grant really screwed up a couple of you know that kind of thing so yeah right he is the new young hip die but this woman AB Stoddard who is a national call no resident message yeah what alright bill let me let me just change subjects what's happening with the Attorney General and and Donald Trump with the tweets is this anything is added to worry about or is this just friendly sparring back and forth I don't think there's anything friendly about it I think there is very worried that the media which desperately wants to marginalize him before the dorm report right I don't have the I. collection they're in the media is gone say he's an attack bars in a tank you are listening bar dorm anybody else as are any tank to drop right and that's what brought is worried about right Hey he doesn't want to have a label and then drop makes it very hard for him by tweeting out stop while investigations and cases are under way and here's out there it is and I'll tell you why trump does it in a minute truck didn't have to say a word let alone yeah stone nine.

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