Bradley Kam On Unstopable And Decentralized Domains


I'm very excited to be joined by returning guests. We have bradley camp. Who's the co founder of unstoppable domains. Thank you so much for joining us here today and and welcome back to the show. How have you been since the last time we spoke to you. What are your thoughts. I just want to ask you right away. for about how the crypto market has exploded in the past one or two months the holiday time. What do you think about The the fast incremental increase since we last spoke to thanks Thanks a bunch for For having me have me back so yeah. So let's let's start with the start. With crazy crypto. Run here. So i mean it's it's exciting The way i see is that. It's you know it's validation. I think what what's been happening over. The past couple of years is a ton of building Across a whole bunch of different areas. I think that The ecosystem of applications that have been built on blockchain's over the past couple of years. There's just so many different whole industries That have been developing. And this is the this is the result of that that labor is that it you know the the the price move slow and but that's an indicator that That we finally got gotten there. We finally delivered on some real stuff. The people are using. The that got excited probably overexcited.

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