Disgraced Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Appeals Sex Crimes Conviction in NY


For former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein took steps today to appeal his conviction in New York on sexual assault charges. Comes as preparations were underway for a court hearing that could lead to his being extradited to Los Angeles. KCRW's Terry Glaser has more Weinstein serving a 23 year prison sentence after New York jury found him guilty of rape and sexual assault, and he's facing 11 more charges in Southern California. When it comes to the New York case, Weinsteins lawyers alleged the judge made several mistakes which led to an unfair trial. They say one of the jurors should have been dismissed because she was writing a novel about predatory older men that had similarities to the case. She was seated on the panel because the defense had run out of challenges to potential jurors. Weinsteins lawyers also claim the judge admitted evidence from three women about sexual violence that was not directly related to the case. And they say Weinstein was forced to give up his right to testify because the judge would have allowed prosecutors to question him about allegations beyond the specific charges

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