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Especially at this particular moment, we have seen how Saudi Arabia and the Saudi regime itself got away with murdering a journalist in the consulate in Istanbul on the second of October. And Mr. Trump at the time said, maybe they did it maybe they didn't. And even when he was confronted with the report of his own intelligence services. Here refused to take any. Notice. So at the moment, those who are calling for human writer coating for open trials open representation, and lawyers to defend those people who in an independent court are really having no support from governments in the west in the west what they are getting is quite a lot of media coverage and also support from the international global human rights organization, such as Human Rights, Watch Amnesty International and from the UN, of course, energy amnesty has talked about sham trials that violated international federal standards, which relied on confessions extracted through torture. We'll talk about that in a moment. And you mentioned the UN the head of the UN human rights commission. Michelle Basch lead is particularly important that at least three of those killed were minors at the time of sentencing. What do you think is going on? What do you think is the real reason some people say it's because they had links to. Iran. Obviously, there's a war of words at least between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Well, it is a message to Iran. But I think they're real victims are the community in Saudi Arabia, and that is the shack community of the eastern province, which is a minority minority in Saudi Arabia, and it had been at the forefront of protests in a very very peaceful way and the Saudis did this kind of execution in two thousand sixteen when they executed an important Shiite cleric by the name of number. Never. And what happened was that? Iran. Condemned the execution of the Shiite cleric, and then at immediately after that the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked and then there's relationship deteriorated. So the Iranians didn't stop the mobs attacking the Saudi embassy. But I think the execution are actually a domestic matter. Although the message might get to Iran domestically hammered man is ruling by. I fear on by repression, and this kind of mass executions which amount to a massacre at thirty seven people in one day. It's quite a lot and also lumping together different people different categories of people. One of the executed was shot. Religious caller who has invited to the national dialogue forum established under the road of king. Abdullah to talk about some Nishii relations quite a lot of the executed. We have evidence we have YouTube clips saying those people are giving lectures or mobilizing others. And I did not see any kind of sectarian tone in their speeches that they were given after two thousand eleven some of those people are very very young when they were arrested. They were only like under the age of sixteen and they were peaceful demonstrators who got really carried away with the uprising of two thousand but. They were arrested at the time. And then we are in two thousand nine hundred nine when they were execute briefly. All you surprised that we hearing. And this is what our Damon's report was that significant numbers of of these who executed told the court that they didn't mean what they said that it was only extracted under torture, and they were told what to right? Yes. Absolutely. I'm in torture and Saudi prison is concerned is confirmed by one woman activist illusion and hood lewd who told her family during their monthly visit that she was tortured that she was sexually abused physically. Abused? And she didn't want to talk about this issues early on Feerick that that might make her situation worse in prison. But at the end, she had lost hope and told her family her brother and Canada when did and her sister and brussel they were both talking to the media about the exact detail of horrific sexual. Abuse and torture in Saudi..

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