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I'm not gonna rule it out. The best part about that trailer was did you like about it right right comcast. I'm curious. I don't i don't know i just i didn't get a strong sense of love the narrative oh okay so i feel that it gave me more than i expected narrative wise because i thought it was gonna be alright. This guy kill jimmy hoffa's so on so forth but a teaser surtees well no but the fact that made it seem by the teaser that is going to involve the mobs ties of political events. It's made me even more curious as to how they play that into the film so i don't know i i thought it looked beautiful to and seeing joe perry on the screen for the first i simon god-knows-how-long just made me very happy <hes> but what about you senator you have that number one or you have something else as well i don't. I don't know if it's at number one. I think it's definitely a contender. I have my eyes set on <hes>. Won't you be my neighbor the beautiful neighborhood yeah yeah sorry sorry <laughter> get confused with the documentary which is so great great idea. We have a lot of momentum from from that mock documentary and tom hanks and credit gerwig quit to stunts such great work. I just have a lot of hope that this is going to be a. Tom hanks snus oscar vehicle and be a really great movie that that people can really get behind in a way that that we haven't had time. It's been a while because he hasn't been nominated since castaway away so yeah. Would you shock. I'm shot the post was nominated and he was praised for his performance but he he wasn't nominated. What <hes> eric since irishman is in your one. Do you have anything at the top right now or <hes>. I think that yeah i think probably the same. I've have you sandra but it's always dependent upon the director. So i mean you could be right just because it is scorsese. That has a a lot going for it. I think once upon a time in hollywood is gonna get a nomination to avoid some of it everywhere. I it's actually my number two right now yeah so it's definitely definitely got a chance <hes>. I don't know if it's gonna win because it has tarantino but it. It's going to get up there. I heard earlier this week that the the oscar voters had the academy had two screenings this week or this week or last week and they were both jam-packed and from the responses devoter's adored it so they well. That's pretty much get yeah pretty much. The whole love letter to hollywood is a big for the big thing the other one that i've got my eyes honest a little women reboot which i know it's a reboot <hes> but it's got sir sharon and charlotte a and i. I just think the cast could really my only hesitation. I originally had it in my my first round of predictions. The only hesitation have is that it's not going to any festivals yeah. That's the only thing that's holding me back but i mean i've never seen any of the little women jenny has never really was my cup of tea. See i'm more of a fan of the book. Actually i love the book. The book is fantastic so that just realized they said greta gerwig was directing. She's directly little women strict. Little women confused yeah. Mario hellers directing areas leaner both great lady directors who i'm rooting for <hes> a movie that keeps coming up my list and every time i see the trailer. I love his nineteen seventeen. Sam mendes yes can't work can't root out a war movie and and jenny. Can you tell tell everyone the how you feel about saving private ryan..

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