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It weren't so hot and humid high 93 he index 100 currently 75 degrees on Peachtree Street. I'm WSB meteorologist Christina Edwards said the morning drivers running okay, Here's Doug Turnbull. Usually when are sometimes the crews had to pick up the structure they had to pay traffic. That's just what's going on near the perimeter Mall zone. Dunwoody Interlude 25 East Ashford Dunwoody Road as they pick up the cones, all lanes being held there just after Georgia 400. So if you want to avoid it, you can take 400 south to 85 north of Bounce right around it or use Mount Vernon or Johnson. Very roads. There are no issues heading the Easter West freeways from the suburbs into town via I 20 Southside. Ashley Frasca still have the work zone in Morrow, 75. North around Jonesboro Road Highway 54. 2, Right lanes knocked out once you get The Forest Parkway. The lanes open there in the downtown connector. It's wide open in both directions. 75 85 North and South. This report, paid for by Business Roundtable, another pothole traffic and flight delays. Aging Public transportation Congress Act now and pass the bipartisan infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act paid for by Business Roundtable, triple team traffic. 95.5 WSB Coming up Next longer, Christine Edwards five day forecast here. The governor Hawaii's request to stop coming And what's happening off the coast of ST Simon's Island, making progress and getting rid of the golden ray. That and more in a moment, it's 5 13 go early. Stay late. Travel stress free and I love great. Business is on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay late for 24 7 Bay Bridge traffic call 1877 based band. And we're back with breaking news. The new Coke zero Sugar might be the best Coke.

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