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An ktar news the heat is back on for today by this afternoon temperatures will reach all the way till one hundred twelve degrees for tomorrow a high of one hundred and nine degrees and a slight chance of a storm from the twelve news forecast center i'm james can yoenis per ktar news thirtythree it's ninety degrees in timpee ktar is on immigration police in a neighborhood near san antonio discovered a tractor trailer full of illegal immigrants overnight this comes nearly a year after a similar discovery in the parking lot of a san antonio walmart and then had nightmarish results in that case ten undocumented immigrants were found dozens were suffering in the heat first responders were ready for a repeat of that when the door swung open on another trailer also incentive tonio last night instead they found fifty five people some children with water and air conditioning fire chief charles who had knows it could have gone the other way we're very fortunate denied that we're not out here with a bunch of bodybags immigration officials are investigate getting the police are looking for the truck driver jim ryan abc news dallas italy and france or exchanging barbs as tensions rise over who should take an migrants they're italy summoned the french ambassador on wednesday morning after a french government spokesperson said italy's decision to block a migrant ship now headed to spain made him vomit italy's farright interior minister mateos amini addressed the senate here defending italy's record on saving and welcoming migrants who crossed the mediterranean sea he said italy now has one hundred and seventy thousand migrants house throughout the country will france has blocked ten thousand from trying to cross the border from italy to france megan williams abc news rome ktar is on the economy the arizona chamber of commerce and industry says we're gonna lose a trade war when you think of arizona you're not gonna think of a old school rust belt economy with a lot of steel consumers who buy things like cars and other items that have lots of steel or aluminum the chambers gary taylor imported steel and aluminum from mexico and canada will now be will now have tariffs a four prophet education companies doing an informational tour across the valley k twelve which specializes in home schooling and online education wants.

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