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It's means someone or something that rises above the ordinary or is famous or highly suspected part outstanding wisdom English speaking radio channel. Learn one new word every day and impress the world in this English workout bloody lesson you'll learn how to use the wood eminence via show that this is a lesson will help you to enhance your English tabular, and speak English fluently, and confidently and Manent is spelled as he m. And e and t the principle of the international school had invited and eminent tennis player as a chief guest father sports day. She was a national award vigneault. She shed hood expediencies and challenges with the students. They were highly inspired with us story. Listen carefully. How we can use the word eminent in eight different sentences in eight different situations example, number one of eight it was a grand event in the capital of the country. The guest list, included and personalities, like governors ambassadors, and business, leaders example, number two of it. The latest online bestseller is a mystery novel. It has sold over half a million. In copies within three months of its publishing. Do you know, the background of the oughta it is written by an imminent filmmaker? No wonder oh, there are so many takers for this novice. Don't you agree moving onto example, number three of it? And eminent scientists discovered a wonder drug that could cure a rare disease. He was awarded a noble prize for his discovery example, number four of eight the students never missed the lectures of MRs heavily. She is an imminent professor at the MBA college. Do you know that over three lack professionals students and homemakers have learned to speak English, fluently and confidently at BMI speaking institute, log onto website, WWW dot B M consultants in dot com. For more information. Example, number five eight recently, a popular than star got married. The family had booked an entire hotel for all the celebrations. It wasn't extra variant affair. You're familiar with the word extravagant, correct? Many eminent personalities from the film fraternity or film industry were invited for it. Do you know V8., which example, we are at example, number six eight and a fluent businessman shifted to a new city. He wanted to admit children in one of the imminent educational institutions it took longer than he had antecedent Pated, but he managed to get them at mid in one of the most eminent colleges example, number seven eight Jonathan had always engined or had always kept a goal that he will work. With an imminent organization in order to convert dream into reality. He must avoid procrastination and woke with delegation. Don't you agree with me example, number eight eight a group of eminent businessmen came to a consensus that certain reforms required for the benefit of industry. Hence, they formed a federation soon it owned predominance among the existing ones to David learned

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