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Yeah so as soon as they can figure out a few minor details like You know how to keep a website online for consecutive minutes and while the worst keep printing over the top of it you know they're gonna come for twitter with a website that isn't afraid to let people say what they think even if what they think offensive. Few snowflake liberal cox the so long as it doesn't also been snowflake conservative. Folks you see during an interview with metaxas lindahl explained that his new free speech themed social media platform would have far more restrictions on free speech. Then i don't know any social media platform you could name interesting quote people ask me. You're going let everything go. Porn swearing everything. And i said absolutely not we have a thing we've found in the constitution and our founding fathers that defined. What free speech is he adds quote. You're not going to be able to swear there will be four words for sure. You can't say you can't say the c word the n. word the f word. And he can't use god's name in vain and the cool. Okay but here's what's crazy. You can't say the n. word probably lost him. A significant percentage of the people who were going to sign up. Yeah actually that was the brand of this thing it was like you say to n word on twitter. Come on frank. Speech dot com. Wow he also and this was an interesting one. He also added that his site would prohibit defamation really after all bearing false witnesses a violation of the knights command. So you're you couldn't go on. His website accused joe biden of having won a fair election for example that could be removed. Okay so what we have now is a website. That's basically a fun quiz about mike. Lindell's worldview right. Yeah be on. Can i type trees exist. Okay yes i can. What about fossils. no see. i just started. That was the f. word he meant. So yeah mike. Lindell whitten made his own twitter. With a prohibition on beer and hookers and it will no doubt take its place atop the social media hierarchy just as soon as their moral advice. Report comes to a conclusion on the ethical status of g and and they figure out how to let multiple people signed up at the same time. Get there man take tight. They said it's a wordpress plugin. But i don't know where i'm supposed to play so while they sort that we're going to close the headlines for the night heath thanks as always you say fossil and when we come back to red carpet reporters are gonna regret asking eli. Who's wearing sean. Hey.

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