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She said that she was not that good woking but that he would be willing to help her any way likely that you're in your favour and she got up she started backing other of royal she said she thanked him for his time she closed the door she rushed to the elevator and she felt that it came to take tougher and she thought terrified you come after her force your back into his office and that the how the monday following that friday nightmare with harvey where i think she said she resigned from his job and not long after that she quit acting she continued doing theater for wall but she quit pursuing actually it's a career and she said you did tell parts of this story to only very few people old the years and she just felt so powerless dr do because she said he is after all very powerful very well known and very successful and she didn't think anyone would believe her she said i was nobody why would they believe me angler what is she asking for well today she speaking out of course you know i'm at a path to justice for all of my clients have which there are numerous on now numerous uh alleged victims that mr winds name who have retake retain me and uh heather is one not all will be speaking out but you know ah and of course you know we're confidentially going through one by one each person you contact us to see whether we can assist they were not with their claim but you know harvey waking doctored your allegedly toll had heard that she had to be good and bad with directors and producers if she wanted to have a career as an actress in hollywood they to know she is good but he he wasn't asking whether she was good it or craft your whether she had to make it a good actress what he wanted to know what's whether she could satisfy that's actually right so then she'd be introduced to others and he told her if she quote at this is how things work in hollywood and quote all actresses had made it that way well i'm sure.

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