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Anderson and stephanie number. All rise high steph tenet super happy that chantal maloney. She represents palestinians from gaza as victims in a situation at the international criminal court. And she's really happy because the prosecutor fatou ben souda has finally launched an investigation into war crimes in the palestinian territories might sorn what i understand working closely with palestinian lawyers. You rights lawyer at us for them. It's a huge achievement. Already the fact to that finally the An open formerly open investigatin for the first time in history the court an international tribuna which has asserted its jurisdiction on alleged criminal responsibilities of israeli citizens. Of course also we. We are very aware that are also alleged criminal responsibility of palestinians butts seeing these from the perspective of those who triggered the these investigation. Who are the palestinians of course another israeli or radi the opening the formal opening of the investigation twelve years after the first attempt to to do so. It's huge as she says it is a big moment. Let's just rewind to see how we got here. There's been a lot of to and fro about whether palestine is a state. they. I asked the court to intervene way back in two thousand nine and after palestine where she given a proper status at the united nations they became members of the icc in two thousand fifteen and asked the court to look back at what had been happening. Since two thousand fourteen the prosecutor had had a preliminary examination and had closed it because of the statehood issue and then with this new request it was relaunched and and last month judges finally decided that the court does have jurisdiction. They said they could not decide on statehood but that palestine had followed the normal accession procedure to the court and as such they could refer cases to the court giving the court territorial jurisdiction in the case now this is obviously grossly oversimplified but to put it in very general terms. This is the decision of the touches. So what's the potential investigation actually into. I shouldn't tell mention. There's a lot to this. There are many layers. Been to has already said that she believes war. Crimes have been are being committed in the west bank and the gaza strip by both israeli defense forces and armed palestinian groups such as moss also more. Broadly she's looking at crimes. By senior israelis for allowing settlers to live in the occupied area of the west bank and that was all in preliminary examination documents last year and thinks that she failed to the court in one of chantal submissions to the court together with raji surani of the palestinian center for human rights in gaza. She describes the conflict as one of the most well documented situations of widespread and systematic commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the world and in her statement launching. The investigation been souder really wanted to stress. Her principal nonpartisan approach referring to palestine and israeli victims. Three times in the statement so trying really really hard to be balanced. Y'all ronan is professor of law at the academic center for science and law at hot hasher ron and research fellow at the minerva for human rights at the hebrew university in jerusalem. And that tone in the statement towards israelis who aren't members of the court really struck. I think it was very different from previous statements and documents that we've received from from the prosecutor. I think it was quite conciliatory gerate..

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