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I'm Joe World. Everyone on the bus backed up. I'll call you out. I'll box cut everybody. Oh who wants a thin razor cut right now? Yeah and his rusty. Yeah also Babacar yet. If you don't wait now after this day in Washington wants to die from tetanus how you guys have reached that class. It was the most certificate cookie once. You're a pro. Oh Shit Oh shit. Oh he locked it. Oh no this is going in. That's CRA- used to be our biggest fear at school now. They're like they're looking at us. Like yeah you get a box set is like we have mass shooting drills like two different shows. Today's box everyone is talking about for the whole day. I guess a mass shooting Joe is a little more attention and also the threat of a mass shooting because the news. Never you never like someone come to school and everybody was going to school. They were coming to shoot one nigger. I am coming to shoot. Mero facts and it was while because I'm Clinton didn't even have metal detectors. Yeah and I knew for a fact that was the school of multiple. Yeah it was just like Yo there was never any unstable Nigga guns in new day even on stable. They're gone crazy but I'm not like shoot shoo. Who but the difference is love of trying to go behind them shoes right? There was one kid in Coop City of Houston for fun. Used to fire his gun out his window and section to who he never was like. I'm GonNa Come Matt also back in the day the fuck. Oh what is that like back there? You go shopping. Took leave a high school who he called me for class. Punch me and I'm like what the Damaris wasn't this. Shot the Vegas Catcher. Be Catching tag in the stairs. Throw.

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