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While the clock at sixty eight degrees mostly sunny today high near 68 from the wtmj breaking news center i'm mike spaulding after wreaking havoc across the caribbean erma now bearing down on floored isaac had a through a category three hurricane packing with eight wins upwards of one hundred and twentyfive a miles an hour it's expected to make landfall along the florida keys sunday morning and move along the south west coast of the state during the afternoon cbs news weather producer david parkinson he storm surge risk out of this storm is much worse i mean the senior scientists of the national hurricane center serves unit put out a tweet that said this is his life threatening as it gets when it is ten to fifteen foot storm surge puts it on a katrina and an ikea level for southwest florida nearly seven million floridians have been asked to evacuate and officials in the keys are evacuating some four hundred and sixty inmates in another one hundred and twentyfive corrections officers from a jail on stock island they're moving to a facility at palm beach county sir spokeswoman beckie herrin said in a news release the sheriff liquor ramsey made that decision friday night because of the changing path of the hurricane the gel on stock island which is near the key west on a lower ireland end of that island chain among the many factors forecasters watch during hurricanes armilla bars in general to lower the number the lower the pressure that these stronger the storm kitties dmz four meteorologist brian niznansky says there is a direct correlation between a change in pressure in a strengthening storm if there is an area of high pressure in an area of low pressure and you have a number of let's say of the area of low pressure of nine hundred and twenty mila bars switch shit erma has registered at times and then you have an area of high pressure that's let's say one thousand and fifty melo buyers the tiger the pressure gradient the greater that difference the greater the wind speeds will be jane matenaer wtmj news wisconsin is among.

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