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Give me the starlight that is awesome. Give me and you know what it would have been a great song but it would have died a long time ago. If it wasn't for the title change thriller. We play that every year. Because it's Halloween wokers. A music video was the monsters zombies but I wonder starlight. It would have just fallen like Billie Jean and less. It had been like national astronomy. Okay that's interesting. Here's Michael Jackson. This is beat it but good. This is Michael Jackson. He did before he had the lyrics melody. It's him during the melody. canucks down the I have friends that are melody writers the Michael Jackson. And they'll they'll do the whole song and they'll they'll go to do the music and then it's okay. Well let's now I find the words if it would about Duda Duda. I went down to a dog store. Met You insert it after that Michael Jackson did I do. I do like like that because melody like we've talked about this melody to meet I when I listen to music. That's great good melody and then I'll be like what's a song about Otani realize beyond say Halo. Hello which was by this on Halo but Ryan Tetter of one. Republican wrote it. This is his version the demo..

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