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Sugar is something listen everybody's dying and the amount of sugar is pretty amazing of what people take in each year but it's well understood that sugar contributes to be city we know that and that americans consume too much of it in the journal of nature communications they found that sugars actually toxic and research at the university of utah gave mice edyta about twenty five percent extra sugar in the equivalent of the human diet plus three kansas soda a day the female mice on this diet died at twice the rate of the control mice in the male mice did not experiment the same way they did reproduce as well as male mice in the normal sugar diet so the reason behind the gender differences that clear but experts say the humans may respond differently than mice to equivalent sugar boost we know that one hundred percent that too much sugar is going to kill you early for sure that's christopher ochsner he's a phd and assistant professor at the parts of pediatrics and psychiatry at the school medicine in mount sinai so this study in collaboration with other mounting evidence shows that sugar is really terrible for you in recent studies the american heart association recommended that women consume northern sixteen spoons of added sugar day why men should have no more than nine teaspoons added sugars are typically found in soft drinks candies cookies or other desserts it is it's killer no doubt about it and everything from diabetes to the different challenges that we face every day obesity the rise of obesity it's incredible the more we learn the more we teach the more we educate it's like the more obese and overweight we're becoming in that's a challenge within itself so the percentage i think he's up to sixty eight percent of americans are overweight and almost thirty eight percent or obese was something we definitely need to work on again hopefully getting a handle on our lifestyle choices are what's going to matter more than just about anything and understanding how our choices really impact our overall health makes a tremendous difference along the way triple eight two eight three seventy seven to give us a call you're listening to on call radio let's go to.

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