Dell, Ronnie Montross, Van Halen discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast - ET- Noel Monk


And he was never miss the night a stretching he was a clever bull worker and the great wraps up aided have the you know on a dell's voice but that wasn't uh that wasn't what then hair one's about he had the perfect voice prevent hayward the new tour that initial tour no you you guys were third builds to by ronnie montross in the middle slot and journey as the headliner is that correct you've got it but that's not that was the first to three months to the tour after that we open and for the sabbath crew which was a great blunts you guys i mean we really got along with sap it's very well but it's also well documented and i think a lot has been discussed about the fact that you guys open for sabbath at a time where the wheels were starting to come off for black sabbath so it's it's been widely reported that that van halen really really torched them pretty much every night that it was a hard act for sabbath to come on after was that your assessment be and not out there in those early years as well i would say no putting follow us and become took all i mean ted nugent added the on the one show and after which we heard that he would never have us all the handicap ah mainly it was totally blown off the stage osce i'm sorry you carry its own but like i said we were a brilliant stage at all which were to our whole career.

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