Matt Gaetz Was Once Accused of Inventing a Sex Game in Florida Legislature


A justice department. Investigation into representative matt gaetz in an indicted florida politician. That's the guy we've been talking about is focusing on their involvement with multiple women who are recruited online for sex and received cash payments according to people close to the investigation is has been in the new york times. And cbs news. Today others women They met the women through websites connected people with dates and gifts and fine dining and travel and all that and we talked about that early. this is from. Abc no news now though. This is new reporting from abc news. Sources said gates was part of a group of young lawmakers who created a game to score their female sexual conquests granted points for various targets. Such as interns. Staffers are other female colleagues in the state house. No while in florida. It doesn't specifically say i mean because at the state house doesn't apply to congress. Maybe it was in florida. Still your sex up. Interns and staffers and female colleagues part of this game. I thought all that stuff was completely off limits in in the metoo

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