A highlight from #382: Andy Morgan Practicalities of Body Composition Change


What episode three hundred eighty two of the podcast and walls over the past couple of weeks. We've got really deep into the weeds of some nutritional science getting into some very complex areas. Today we're going in a different direction where we're going to be focusing more on some of the practicalities around body composition change that will apply to many of you either as coaches or for someone who is trying to actively change body composition and my guest. Today is a returning guest. Andy morgan who is the man behind ripped body dot com. He is a very successful online coach. Who is being in the industry for over ten years now where he not only produces a lot of really well put written content but has a large amount of coaching experience and has a really nice coaching system and his ideas on how to make that happen are very interesting which is going to be the subject of what we discuss here today. So we're gonna discuss specifically. How do you change. Body composition for certain subset of people typically that have experienced with strength training who are interested in maybe tracking food intake and are looking to really refine some of these changes in either muscle. Mass or body fat mass. So hopefully it's of interest to a certain amount of you and if it is then please let us know and certainly the andino that you enjoyed this conversation the show it's going to be over at sigma nutrition dot com slash. Three eight two. They're all income to more of these background. Any links and resources that we mentioned throughout this podcast and you can also explore whilst on signatures dot com some of our content. So that is it without further ado. Let me welcome andy morgan. So here we are. Mr andy morgan. Welcome back to the podcast. Mr nine thank you very much. I know genoa. This means third time on. Do you know what does that mean. It means i occupy the first second and third place least qualified to be on this podcast. Well that in itself is an achievement. So i'm waiting metal company up in customs or something in japan on a see. The as a tagline on your website soon just to the Reminds to handle this just about a week and i'm having there's thank you. You're very welcome. How has life being recently. What what you've been up to with the book. How is everything in japan. Japan's good we haven't had any lockdowns. Fortunately it's just been edges from the government to exercise self-restraint. I'm so happy able to grab haven't really In doing much helping folks have been using this time to get ready productive solve. The last year. I've written the third edition of my free guide Which is the ethical bribe that have on the website for. Hey come join email. I'll give you the right body. Dot com nutrition set of guide e-book and email Coast for seven billion uncles. So let's called me while that was the third edition unit holidays. You put some location. You just feel that it needs to be updated bambi. Six months later you got so many more thoughts or something slightly wrong Is could have been phrase better right so fetishes that are then worked on putting together like an automated newsletter that follows after that. Novus can unsubscribe anytime if they find it annoying but the feedback from that has been ready. Good so a tuesday on a friday. People will get just kind of snippets in the inbox among the idea is

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