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Monday broncos country so happy monday if you want teddy bridgewater bronco. Perhaps it's a happy monday. If you didn't want sam darnold to be a bronco does just broke this afternoon. That sam darnold is headed to the carolina panthers in exchange for their sixth round pick in this year's draft and then their second and fourth round pick next year. This trade of sam darnold seemed inevitable. Carolina wasn't necessarily always choice. I knew that they were going strong. After shawn watson. We knew that it had been well reported in anybody that talked anyone around. The league knew that they were going. The hardest for for watson. But with all john watson's legal troubles at this time he kind of becomes persona non grata so even if you think that he could get past all this you just can't make move until until it all gets cleared up the odds that it gets cleared up before the draft seem unlikely but if you do look at it the move still doesn't take carolina completely out of trading for him because they still hold onto their eighth pick and they've got all those pieces they've got future number one. I could even send some sam darnold as of a trade to if they wanted here for watson down the road but it just doesn't seem unlikely and not teddy. Bridgewater is almost certainly not going to be a carolina panther this year unless he works his deal completely reworked as deal for for the panthers. Odds are wherever he goes in and i think the broncos are certainly a strong candidate there may be a reworking of the deal to some degree where carolina has to eat some of that money. I brought this up here before. I know i have would be alan job but carolina some of the money and then you may be tried to negotiate with teddy to take a little less money and become a free agent after this year so rather than being under contract under team control for one more year beyond the twenty twenty one season then. He's a a true under free. Agent can find somewhere that really wants them and maybe go signed a new three year deal which we know in this day and as as this is kind of maybe living proof is only going to be a two year deal of that sixty five million dollar deal. He signed thirty. Three million was guaranteed. So he'll get his guarantee. The question is how much over that we will. He get and he basically. It broke down a little over. What twenty twenty one. Seven five year. I guess is how how you would shake it out so if you were to get most of the guarantee than what would a team that trades really have to pay out of pocket. And if it's you know that seventy nine million dollar range while that's a lot if you're the broncos you're still paying drew lock on a second round rookie deal in in year three of that four year deal and you're not trading teddy bridgewater to beat drew lock out your trading for teddy bridgewater to compete with drew lock and then to be there. If drew lock can't make the progress you were hoping would make can't take the steps forward that you were hoping that he would. And then you've got a nice roster around teddy bridgewater that maybe he just doesn't drive the train off the tracks so to speak and plenty of people throughout teddy bridgewater on twitter. Today came at me and said well. We don't want teddy bridgewater. Why not go get alex. Smith will alex. Smith may cost you more than teddy bridgewater potentially and alex smith isn't any kind of long term solution because the one thing that i guess you're not take into account is also teddy. Bridgewater could play really. Well he has yet to. I think there are more than i saw. Albright tweeted more than fifteen touchdowns in a season. Think he threw fourteen as i two in minnesota. Now he's a sixty five percent completion guy but he basically is alex smith in a lot ways. That's just who he is. And so bridgewater would come in a guy that george payton's familiar with. He was the assistant jim in minnesota when they drafted him and he saw him at his best in his young career obviously was likely there the day his knee exploded on the practice field at then to training camp in in minneapolis when they ended up creating for sam darnold and still make the playoffs because they had a good roster and so we'll see if that comes to pass you still have names garment you. Nick foles as well as alex smith out there but i don't know if any of them are far more exciting than bridgewater not that bridgewater's necessarily exciting. What's exciting is the hope that drew lock. It's it all figured out and that's something that ball clean. I'll get into here in just a little bit. Paul and actually had this conversation last week also posted as part of be happy hour and then we did it on my birthday the day got away from me and then the the week with opening day and everything else kind of got away from me as well but I've got some exciting podcast news coming That i think folks. Who'd like listening to this podcast alike. Like what i have coming for you here in Hopefully the coming weeks is the plan. So stay tuned for that. Also today the broncos decided to race season ticket prices slightly. And it's for the total package. I wrote about it on. Koa newsradio dot com There that basically all they're doing is having you incur the cost of the ninth home game this year. They're raising

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