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Well hello there once again. Everybody and welcome back to a brand new edition of on to the next one. Yes we are back after a week off from the program since the ufc. And bela tor were both off last week. And there's so much going on in our lives that we decided you know what i think. We should take a week off as well but now we're back very excited about that because we missed you guys and we're going to be discussing the what's next coming out of. Ufc vegas twenty eight. Which went down this past saturday night. I mike heck and joining me. Once again. is the co host the coal matchmaker. The best friend reunited and it feels. Oh so good. Alex kelly the prince positively joins us. How are you buddy. I'm great. i'm great my my best friend. I definitely enjoy doing shows again this week with yourself of course and jose in casey and all that i definitely enjoy you know getting to write about you. See stuff for the readers for the listeners. But i did not enjoy watching the ufc again. As much as i thought i would normally normally all takes a week off from see again. There was no excuse me there was no bell tower. There was no Pflp week off from big north american. Promotion ma And so. I thought i'd feel a lot more like jazzed. Up about saturday's card wants it started because even in the previous kinda like i don't know how excited about the car but inside mike and inside i was like no wants. This card starts once i see claudio place and jordan lebanon that cage. I am going to be just super excited. And it never. I don't know if there was any point in the night where ever hit that level of like Yes i'm cruising watch and fight him. I'm feeling good. It was a little bit of a slog. Goes a little bit of a slogan that for fourteen fight card some uneventful decisions. It was a slog. I was like all signs are pointing like i was. I was really afford to woodson salal. That was pretty gritty fight I was obviously looking forward to seeing men fewer back in there but like all signs are pointing towards ponsonby overseas by which will talk about in a moment because that was great and the follow up from that. Like just and i'm not trying to sound like a jerk. Because i respect anybody gets an octagon but the middleweight fight after that. Just suck the life out of me at that point because i was just so jazzed up but it is what it is but real quick ak no-show recording this past sunday how did you. How did you spend your sunday off. What did i do. So i probably watching the nba playoffs. I think that was one of their there. Were still lives first round. So i think there were still doing like four four games in a day so i think i just i just buckled down. I watched at least three of the four games and just just washed myself in my my other favorite sport professional basketball. It's interesting it's interesting. You know know. The celtics were in the playoffs in the first round. I said they got knocked out. So you at least some some rooting interest there. It's interesting when your team which has been for the raptors. I'm talking about contending for so many recent years isn't out and obviously being in the playoffs. Better than anything. I i would rather be an eight seed and get swept my team not make the playoffs. Which sounds stupid but But the next best thing is having no playoff stress again watch enough stress about i. Just enjoying the chaos. That is the best place i. I'm pretty sure that's what i did last night. It's all a blur now so long ago. I know it was a long chaotic weekend for me. It's honestly been one of the most chaotic weeks. I've had in a very long time. I now six days with the new pooch he's been great. I will say the wake ups are much earlier. There's some things. I need to get used to with little shiloh. But he's been a wonderful addition to the family. he is now the official mascot for onto the next one. It's just like your kid. It's like when you had a kid again so you know neither growing up near kind of going through that like adjusting your sleep schedule again for new members of the family right. So you've been through. This guy did this before i just. Maybe those days are over at least sleep till like six thirty this morning so i was very appreciative of that but any who it is time. Shiloh michael heck. I cannot remember. Which does your dog actually have a legal middle name His tag should be here soon. They'll say shallow. Mike and i will say this. I am not egotistical. Enough to throw my middle name in there. This is my kid's name for him. He it's grace's middle name so he decided you know what i'm gonna give my middle name to the dog. Well i've never been a pet owner but someone told me that all pets pets have middle names. Right like the illegally. Do they legally have to have no names. I have no idea or they have to have last names. Maybe that maybe that's what threw me off. Someone's saying like you know when you go to the vet when you go to the ben stuff like that there is a registry if if anything just kind of separate all the all the shiloh is are all the you know benji or whatever i think. They do have other like microchips. Well that's okay. So i guess it technology advance but that's nice. He has a full name. I will. I will do my best mike to remember. I am terrible remembering my friends. Pet's names are you. Would you be offended. If someone doesn't remember your pet's name. No i know okay. I'm good with kid. Names mostly like who meets him will remember him. Because he's a sweetheart like he is the talk of the town right now everyone who meets him issues. Like wow like. How long have you had this dog for. Like four or five days and just like blown away because he's so cool each loves everybody. It's great. i'm i'm afraid of dogs. I don't know if i've said this on the air before. I'm afraid of dogs. But but i trust you that i would get along with your. I am thirty eight years old. This is the first dog i've ever had in my life ever ever been a big pet guy 'cause like it's not that i don't like them it's like i don't trust them but this one like once i met him like you melt in my heart and i just had a head to bring them in..

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