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Again, obviously I'm amazed that you have suffered any more trauma than you have as a result of that. Well, you know, I don't think that any professional athletes would ever put their hands on a broadcaster, I think that's uncalled for, but on the same respect. I think I have to take some professional responsibility for the questions that I ask, and I think I pushed the wrong buttons and for that I apologize. It certainly did not end the way that I wanted it to. And nonetheless, you asked the tough questions and that's what questionably our WWF fans want to know although obviously they would prefer. Not to end that way. We go from that to this. I mean, but that was some compelling stuff, JR. Yeah, pretty good. If the nail on the head there, got one right, seems like. And I don't know that Mick, I mean, yes, he was awesome, great wrestler, unbelievable, and what he did. But do you think he reaches the level that he ultimately does without these segments? Because this is monumental. I remember this vividly watching these growing up with you. Yeah, he found his niche. Yes. And it just is another way to get him over without taking a bunch of bumps and, you know, taking, you know, the most off the ring, the elbows to the concrete and all those things. It was a way to make this thing work and, you know, we're just looking for try to get something hot. It must like this match right here. Billy Gunn was the focal point of this contest, this booking, and rockabilly. Well, there's no tag team partner, Mark Gunn. Yeah, go ahead. Millie still looks just a lot right now. And it's crazy. He looks exactly the same. Yeah, he works out religiously as we know, and I was setting the other day with somebody and being catering at AEW. And he was talking about nutrition. And the damn he's learned in nutrition. He knows monitors as proteins and all these things. He really lives the life right now. And he's got two very talented sons. Yeah, the ass boys. Yeah, the ass voice. So, and I'm happy to see how they're continuing to progress. But their chip off the old block those kids. They should be big time players. Before it's all said and done without a doubt. But, you know, we're just trying to Billy was kind of the chosen one of this duo. Yeah. And we just wanted to try to get him over as a single as a single heel with the honky tonk. Well, we're not letting you get away from the old Mick folia interview that quick without some fan questions because that's what the rest of the fan questions were about. Was that sit down? You did with Mick. And we're going to ask this why we watched this year. So let's get into a bill Reich says, JR, your interview with Mick Foley has to be one of the greatest pieces of wrestling TV of all time. Wow, that's high praise. My question for you is this, with his skilled character work on such clear display, why didn't misses foley's baby boy pick up more acting gigs? I don't know. That's a good question. It was qualified for it. Hey, you know how many Hollywood and showbiz? You got to be right place at the right time. There's no doubt Mick didn't have the skills and certain roles he has been perfect in. But you know, he was so engrossed in the wrestling side. So I don't know if there's a reason skill level wouldn't it, but I'm a big on this big supporter that Mick Foley can do anything he wants to do and do it well. Hey, listen, after what I said the cell job, I saw you give JR, how did you not pick up more acting gigs? All right. I was a little busy. But you did a good job with that, man. That was fun. Thank you. It was all done in one take. And it was done with no script. We just kind of knew our general direction. And we learned how to sell. And we just told a story. It kept evolving. And really, that Mick deserves a credit for that because he kept changing this and. Adding more to the promo,.

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