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Controls i would say ms rochester rochester that the case management aspects of this program as well as settlements would deal with medieval things that you're talking about in the program has fifteen percent floor for sage to be able to utilize to take care of the folks with that mr thank you mr chairman first of all let me just address gt if i could the gentleman from pennsylvania just quickly look i obviously appreciate the five hundred dollar allowance but like you said that just not enough especially when you have a b h a b h for active duty of twenty three hundred in monterey take away the five hundred that still leaves them with eighteen hundred added to that income that's taken into account to determine whether or not they qualify and it just doesn't work and that's unfortunate hopefully we can work to help them out more before i came to congress i was a prosecutor and the way we did things at least in my county is i knew that we couldn't just stand up in court and say the person's guilty and sit back down you had to prove the case through evidence and you had to put on evidence and i think that's what we're missing here and i think i would like to associate my comments with mr kosta my neighbor there in california he's right on i think we have pilot programs that would at least give us that evidence to then make a determination about the these massive changes that we're to make on this type of program now they're these pilot programs have not been around long enough to at least get some substantive evidence out of them how they have done three reports three fiscal year reports fifteen sixteen and seventeen and looking at it i guess twenty seventeen actually talked about some of the difficulties that they are having and setting these pilots programs up in one of their in the two thousand seventeen report they talk about the challenges and they state that it took longer than expected to build capacity to serve this target population and to develop partnerships and contracts with service providers and so it's even from that limited evidence that we have already on the pilot projects if the usda is reporting on these difficulties of implementing a relatively small pilot program i just.

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