Gary Sheffield, Sheffield, Commissioner discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 3: Gary Sheffield: 5/31/17


I really like him and i've liked him for many years i love him i graduated to loving gary sheffield i wonder sheffield loves you i dunno we'll find out together right now here's a quote from the players tribune article that he recently wrote a he wrote that the make a number of changes to baseball as commissioner but quote i've never gone along with the media because i say what i believe so while they might have pretended not to like me the truth is they love me because if i got upset they'd get a juicy quote then i read that bleep get angry and give them another juicy quote if more people spoke their minds baseball would probably be even more high profile as a sport the game needs personalities he was definitely one of those gary sheffield with us on espn radio thank you as always for making time for a scary what did you make of that bryce harper fight us the other day and by the way i love you man i do love your show we had our struggles winner clashes but we arrived in place of loving forgiveness and now he's one of my favorite well we would ban about it that's the most important thing uh yeah what are your own advice harper i do think that that you know hit up that that we have seen before we ever reinventing the wheel with a situation where you know something i always knew about by offer you know he's a man's man and and he showed that uh the other day you know you saw the guy six five six to seventy.

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