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Hey Friends! This podcast is actually an interview that I did a few years ago for a project that worked on called the Kito Edge Summit. Kiddo edge summit was basically where I interviewed I. Think it was like thirty six forty of the top Kito experts in the world. We talked about all things Kito. He talked about how to get the best results out of the Diet, we talked about biohacking strategies to do to help improve your digestive system. Help Improve Your brain health your energy, really get the most out of life, and so this interview is with one of my good friends, who is an expert in many different areas and you'll see as we as we dive into this topic. Just, just how deep we go and quality the content that she get in so just reminders is a roughly. This is I think I did these interviews in two thousand, seventeen, two thousand eighteen years old, but the content is just as relevant and I know that will make a difference in your life, so you will enjoy this content and he wouldn't mind just leaving us. US A rating. Review your reviews. Really really count. They mean the world to us and to help us get seen by more people so if he just go to your apple itunes player and rate us and leave a review our help us just able to help more people and get this information out to the masses. Thank you for doing that and enjoy the podcast. Welcome everybody to the Kito Summit where we are dispelling the myths, helping your overcome hurdles, and empowering you to Improve Your brain and body again edging life through the Ketogenic Style and I've got a really great guest today. That I'm the super honored yellow kidnapped with somebody. I've looked up to for years and You know. He's kind of considered the godfather of the on sexual health movement and is really. Gotten this message out through the media through his podcasts books, and this is Mark Cyst in and his yours is bio is ancestral health pioneer. Ex Endurance Athlete in New York Times bestselling author of the Keita Reset Diet which I got this book should and It's like right up my alley way. You know as as a former athlete myself so I started going through that last night, just loving the book and I would definitely recommend everybody. We're talk more about Inter. Definitely, get this book. It was perfect with with what we're talking about. In this summit on, he also wrote the primal blueprint primal endurance, and he's blogger at top rated health fitness website marks daily apple dot com, another one that I look at on a regular basis to to really get the most cutting edge permission, so I can stay sharp these. These founders several companies primal blueprint, devoted xining state of the art supplements that address the challenges living in the modern world, primal kitchen, delivering uncompromisingly delicious nutrient, dense foods that are always dairy gluten green sway free both of them, if not all of them are Genyk and now I use salad dressing. I use primal Mayo, some some of my favorite products. Also. He recently developed primal kitchen. Restaurants is well needed, so we need restaurants popping up obviously all around the country, really all around the world that are going to be able to serve really good style dishes, so he's he's pioneering nats, and it's actually kind of kind of fits modern culture. Right because it's. It's organic, fast casual dining options in our society. Where on the show? And also primal health coach where he coaches people on how they can, they can help coach people and help kind of get this message of our frontal health to the world and so today we're going to really talk about transitioning into the Kito genetic, Diet, and marks book the Kita, it really is great with that because kind of walks you through steps for. For transition not just jump in you know, jump right in the water and how to figure out a swim, but instead take the lessons. The swimming lessons in and fill. It's Go from there and so mark really an honor privilege to have you on the summit and our love for you to share your story how you really got going with this. Yeah thanks for having me. You how going with this is? Pretty Much A. Fifty year evolution. From being interested in performance and seventy when I was in my early teens. Starting on down this path of becoming an endurance athlete runner. was fairly good at running. was always looking at ways in which I could enhance my performance through my diet and which. In the sixties and seventies when I was running. was basically. Fueling all of the miles that you're running with. Carbohydrates. And, by the way, not always complex carbohydrates, sometimes, just simple carbide. Got Really good at running really fast rate well. Transition from from marathons into long distance, Ironman triathlons but over the years was kind of. Looking fit on the outside, but falling apart of the inside and I had to retire from injuries and due to a number of of you know digestive complications and things like that, so I kinda dedicated the rest of my life to discovering ways in which I could be strong and lean and fit. Elsie without having to pound the pavement so much without having to slam down a thousand grams of carbs. If you'll the miles that journey, which began literally in the early eighties, continues today. With. The books that I put out a blueprint being the first sort of seminal work by. The blog marks daily apple and and now the key reset diet. How I came to Kito was also part of that evolution, I mean I've been low carb. I've been eating crime elite for fifteen years. So I really got to the point. Right already cut out a lot of the carbohydrates in my diet when you look at the evolutionary. Genesis of our! Of our jeans, and and be Tennessee that are genes expect from US based on evolution. You realize it. We're not really designed the cross. Sugars processed carbohydrates so when you. Look clean up your diet which I did and look to get rid of sugar. Sweet sweet beverages, desserts, pies, cakes, candies, cookies things like that then then get rid of the. You know the process grains of flowers. The wheat flour barley millet arrive is the spell when you get rid of of all of those kind of processed foods. and you're left with a CORNUCOPIA. If you will great tasting foods need fish fowl eggs, not seeds vegetables fruit. You almost of the sesame reduce your carbohydrate intake from three or four hundred a day grants down to one hundred, hundred twenty, so for fifteen years I've been in that hundred hundred twenty Grand Day. Carbohydrate range and feeling great and having muscle mass having energy sleeping. Well, it never getting sick. And not being hungry. But, a couple years ago I started realizing that I'm still a seeker of performance I still want to find out if there's another level that I can achieve if there's another `nother level of cognition, another level of energy better sleep if I can maintain muscle mass. In the face of. Or decrease inflammation while training all of these things which I. I got into like a ninety right on a scale of.

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