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NHL free you no one wants to touch over thirty free agents wants to touch these older guys who want rightfully. So their money potential once Roman Yosi, like money through what's a ton of money Taylor halls get a presumably want a ton of money. But if you if you haul on a one year deal. You know try one year deal hell yeah. I mean Jesus that's legit. Top Six guy problem. With Hall is he's not your top left wing that's marshawn and marshlands making you know six, six, point one to five I think which is. Still at a half not the best message though, right then give an outsider like hall eight, million potentially and having to your second line left. So I think they preachy I think David great to say yes to that. Creates Sediment and I think Marshall said I think the whole team would say, yes to that but I do think it's a little odd with the way the money goes. Giving him that but he deserves it also would help your team out a ton so. I think Paul would be very worthwhile investment if it short term if it's short term. Yeah. The only thing. That's like good I guess in scenarios at all teams are on this boat like the the cap is flat for everyone else I mean there's a couple of teams who like need to get to the floor Ottawa. Detroit has some cap space like so there's other teams struggling. So I wonder if the market kind of stalls a little bit because teams will be more hesitant. Obviously, you're always going to have a team be like on works going to throw money at him because we have it but I think it'll be interesting to see. I'm not sure if players will be flying off the shelves, come October ninth like right away because of the the actual cap sink flat. So I wonder if the bruins maybe have some leeway to like, Hey, like if this doesn't work out, we'll go here like if this doesn't work out, we have a back..

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